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Maje has launched a new campaign dedicated to their Ramadan capsule collection, showcasing it in a video featuring Dima El Sheikhly against the backdrop of Dubai’s traditional architecture. The campaign emphasizes empowered femininity, encouraging women to embrace a contemporary style that celebrates both tradition and modernity.

In the video, Dima is seen exploring the city’s iconic arches and landscapes, embodying the spirit of the collection and inviting viewers to follow in her footsteps. By blending cultural elements with a chic aesthetic, Maje’s Ramadan capsule collection offers a fresh take on traditional attire for the modern woman.

This editorial not only promotes the collection but also serves as a visual celebration of female empowerment and individuality. With Dima as the face of the campaign, Maje effectively conveys the message of embracing one’s heritage while embracing a stylish and contemporary wardrobe.

The campaign resonates with women who value both tradition and modernity, offering them a way to express their unique style during the Ramadan season. Through this campaign, Maje continues to push boundaries and redefine fashion norms, showcasing the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

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