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Ras Al Khaimah for the Gifted launches its summer programs

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Mariam Boukhatamine (Ras Al Khaimah)

The Talented Academy in Ras Al Khaimah is preparing to launch the “Talent Adventures” summer camp on July 12 and will continue until September 1. The camp will host different age groups of students; This with the aim of developing and refining their skills and creativity in different age groups from the ages “4-6”, “7-10” and “11-14”, where the educations vary between culture, art, creativity, language, science and science. and technology science, which confirms the adoption of talented and creative academia in the Emirate Ras Al Khaimah, in line with the UAE’s strategy for innovation, according to Somaya Hareb Al Suwaidi, Director of the Ras Al Khaimah Academy for the Gifted and Chairman of the Board of Saud Educational Charitable Foundation.
Somaya Al-Suwaidi explained that the summer program will include a series of workshops and activities that revolve around computer science, future design, creative fantasy art, culture, linguistics, humanities, the noble Quran and workshops in the Quran. a “Living and Inspired by the Quran”, in addition to an artist’s fingerprint workshop and masterpieces with creative designs In addition to workshops in crafts, web design, a training course entitled “Perishti Create” and the basics of chess, in addition to a radio training program aimed at developing the talent for recitation and the Arabic language and creating creative students.

  • Sumaya Al Suwaidi
    Sumaya Al Suwaidi

Al-Suwaidi suggested that the academy since its inception has sought to be a tributary of the Foundation and an incubator for talented and innovators to support innovation, encourage talent and innovators and highlight them by providing a comprehensive infrastructure for various technical and innovative literary fields. , including scientific laboratories in innovation, robotics, programming, mental arithmetic, creative writing, art and life skills. And to deliver the best programs and courses based on the integrated national strategy for innovation and incubation of talent, and notes that the Academy’s vision is to be a unique and groundbreaking environment for talent and innovation, its management mission in supporting and nurturing students’ talents and refine them with knowledge and skills that enable them to compete globally in the areas of creativity, innovation, leadership and positive participation Sustainable future predicts and serves the nation.
The Director of the Academy of Gifted in Ras Al Khaimah noted that there are basic goals that the Academy seeks, the most important of which is to take care of talented and innovative students with limited income, providing a unique environment for growth and nurturing of talent, deliver enrichment programs to nurture talent, build community partnerships to support talented programs, and finally develop and develop the talented talents of the talented and encourage them to be creative and innovative, noting that the academy works to provide an appropriate and specialized education and training environment; , where talent and creativity classes were established to discover student talents and nurture them scientifically and socially.
She added: The academy aims to prepare an extraordinary elite of the future generation with creative abilities, as this unique edifice offers programs, workshops and courses for the care of the gifted, to enable them to develop their abilities and refine their talents on the hands of experts specialized in the field of talent, in addition to building their personalities. Integrated and balanced to optimally invest these capabilities and employ them to serve the country. The Academy is also committed to working within a framework of strategic relationships and partnerships with society and its various institutions; The academy attracts all talented, creative and innovative male and female students who prove their mental and creative expertise, in addition to students who are willing to learn to develop their abilities and develop their talents to achieve the degree of professionalism in specific areas .

Somaya Al-Suwaidi indicated that the academy did not stop delivering its programs during the “Corona” pandemic as 3100 students benefited from the academy and the academy hosted 120 new talented and innovative students where their abilities and talents were developed to enter the “Smart Brain Global Mental Arithmetic” competition in the Kingdom of Thailand won 5 medals, gold, two silver and two bronze. It also won 4 advanced places, including two gold medals, a gold medal and a bronze medal in the competition for the year 2021, not to mention the preparation and implementation of the innovative project exhibition, which was targeted at 21 schools, in which 52 students participated, and approx. The 23 male and female teachers, in addition to signing agreements and partnerships with public and local institutions and departments, in addition to the opening of the Zayed Library, which coincides with the Zayed Humanitarian Day, which includes six electronic platforms containing hundreds of books and references.


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