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Registration of students at public universities begins for the next academic year

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Dina Johnny (Dubai)

The Ministry of Education announced its intention to launch the electronic enrollment and registration service at higher education institutions for the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023, during the month of June. She confirmed that the deadlines for submitting applications and registration procedures will be updated on the ministry’s website.
The Ministry had launched the early conditional admission phase of the higher education institutions on 19 May after closing the online application service and registration at the higher education institutions and foreign representations at the expense of the Ministry of Education for the first semester, 28 April 2022 The Ministry broadcast via its website and accounts on social media, are continuous messages in which students rush to enroll in a university seat in or outside the UAE.
The Ministry pointed out that students who have successfully completed registration applications should go to their website and confirm the offer of conditional early admission that the selected institutions have received. In the case of students who have not completed their application in the form of identification papers, but have received the application number per. The “Nabu” system “They can enroll in the first semester of the next academic year if they complete their files by attaching the necessary documents by June 10. Private school students must, in addition to the equivalence letter, also enclose copies of diplomas for tenth and eleventh grade and the final certified copy of the twelfth grade as soon as it is available.

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The ministry confirmed that students who have only an “application draft” or “Draft” and did not succeed in completing the application by the deadline of April 28 last year will not process the application for the first semester in September next year.
The Admissions and Registration Department (NABU) deals with the procedures for receiving “high school” students, men and women, in one of the country’s higher education institutions. In the case of resident or international students, they must submit their applications through the websites of higher education institutions and consider the entry requirements for each of them. In order for the student to enroll in a state educational institution through “NABU”, he must apply for the Emirates standard exam “EMSAT” in each of the English language, mathematics, science and Arabic, and obtain the required rate of college or university.
National students who excel in their level of education also have the opportunity to enroll in study missions outside the country at the expense of the Ministry of Education.


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