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‘Rehabilitated turtles set free in the waters of Dubai’

by Dubaiforum

A total of 63 rehabilitated turtles were recently released back into their natural habitat in Dubai in anticipation of World Sea Turtle Day. The event, organized by Jumeirah, focused on addressing the key challenges facing the ocean today and the necessary actions to protect it.

In celebration of the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Programme’s 20th anniversary, the release of the turtles coincided with a panel discussion on marine conservation challenges. The panel emphasized the shared responsibility of preserving the ocean and the importance of collaboration among governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

The panel, titled ‘Out of Sight is not Out of Mind: Our Collective Responsibility to Preserve our Ocean,’ shed light on the significance of innovative solutions and best practices for ocean conservation. It also highlighted the crucial role of education, awareness, and youth involvement in shaping a sustainable future for the ocean.

Since its inception in 2004, the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project has released over 2,175 turtles back into the wild. The efforts of Dubai and the UAE in promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity innovation were commended by the expert panel.

Overall, the event served as a reminder of the ongoing need for conservation efforts to protect marine life and preserve the ocean for future generations.

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