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Revealing the Incredible Design of SoundStorm MDLBEAST Festival with PRG – Lighting&Sound Review Online News

by Dubaiforum

December’s edition of the SoundStorm MDLBEAST festival in Riyadh was a groundbreaking cultural event that set new standards for excellence in event design. With over 150 acts performing on eight stages across a 5.5km purpose-built site, the festival attracted more than 450,000 visitors over three days, showcasing a delicate balance between creativity and logistics.

At the helm of this creative endeavor was Alex Reardon, the creative director and lead designer from Silent House, responsible for shaping the festival’s visual identity. PRG played a crucial role in supporting Reardon’s vision by providing rigging, video, lighting, audio, and automation for the festival’s main stage, the Big Beast stage.

The festival’s main stage design drew inspiration from the MDLBEAST logo and Revardon’s vision of an “Art Deco eagle,” symbolizing optimism and flight. The custom-shaped LED walls on the Big Beast stage, spanning 300m x 300m, integrated various performance spaces and VIP viewing structures. PRG’s technical expertise in video technology, including Titan X and Atlas X technologies, ensured the LED walls could compete with the desert sun’s brightness.

The project involved global coordination, with PRG teams from multiple countries collaborating to bring Reardon’s creative vision to life. The festival site was meticulously designed, with every detail considered to enhance the overall experience for attendees. MDLtown, a central area of the festival, featured seating inspired by Arabic forms and meticulous attention to detail.

Reardon’s dedication to collaboration and innovation extended to the Dance Tent, a venue that hosted a diverse lineup of artists. Artists praised the stage design, highlighting the festival’s commitment to creating a canvas for brilliant performances. The festival’s cultural impact was evident, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s recent cultural transformations and the nation’s embrace of entertainment.

Reflecting on the festival’s cultural significance, Reardon and Donnelly Smith emphasized the positive impact on Saudi Arabia’s music scene and society as a whole. The event symbolized a cultural catalyst for Saudi youth, particularly highlighting the positive changes for women in the country. Donnelly Smith expressed her pride in contributing to cultural change that improves the lives of women through events like MDLBEAST.

The successful collaboration between Silent House, PRG, and other entities involved in the festival showcased the power of creativity, innovation, and cultural impact in the event industry.

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