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Revealing the top investors in the Uzbek economy

by Dubaiforum

Uzbekistan Emerges as Top Investment Destination with .4 Billion Inflows in 1Q24

In the realm of international investment, Uzbekistan is gaining traction as a preferred destination, attracting a significant influx of capital from various countries. Recent data from the Statistics Agency revealed that investments in Uzbekistan’s fixed capital soared to UZS 107.1 trillion (.4bn) in the first quarter of 2024, signaling a surge in economic activity within the Central Asian nation.

A noteworthy highlight is that a substantial portion of these investments originated from foreign sources, making up 68.9% of the total volume injected into Uzbekistan’s fixed assets during the period under review. This influx of foreign funds reflects the increasing confidence of global investors in Uzbekistan’s economic potential and favorable investment climate.

Breaking down the numbers, it is evident that specific countries are leading this surge in investment. China takes the top spot, contributing a 23% share of the total investments. The partnership between Uzbekistan and China, supported by initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative, continues to drive significant Chinese investments across various sectors in Uzbekistan.

Following closely is Russia, which accounts for 13.8% of the total investment volume. The enduring ties between the two nations, along with Russia’s interest in expanding its presence in Central Asia, solidify its position as one of Uzbekistan’s key investment partners.

Turkey also emerges as a prominent investor, holding an 8.5% share of the investment pie. The growing economic collaboration between Uzbekistan and Turkey, bolstered by shared cultural bonds and strategic alliances, has paved the way for increased Turkish investment in various sectors within Uzbekistan.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have made substantial contributions, with 7.2% and 4.8% of the total investments, respectively. The Gulf nations’ focus on diversifying their investment portfolios and exploring emerging markets has led them to discover lucrative opportunities in Uzbekistan’s expanding economy.

Lastly, Germany closes the list with a respectable 3.8% share of the investment volume. Despite the geographical distance, Germany’s reputation for technological prowess and innovation has positioned it as a sought-after partner for Uzbekistan, especially in areas like manufacturing and infrastructure development.

The significant influx of foreign investments underscores Uzbekistan’s growing appeal as a sought-after destination for global capital, driven by its strategic location, abundant natural resources, and ambitious economic reforms. Stay updated on world news by following Daryo’s official Instagram and Twitter pages.

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