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Saleh Al-Amiri leaves the “isolation capsule” tomorrow

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July 2, 2022 6:12 PM

Amna Al Ketbi (Moscow)
Tomorrow, Emirati astronaut Saleh Al Ameri will leave the isolation capsule after 8 months of his “Sirius 21 mission.” The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center team arrived in Moscow in preparation for the completion of “mission number one” in the Emirates space simulation mission, in which astronauts Saleh Al Ameri and Abdullah participated. Al Hammadi.
Tomorrow, the center will hold a press conference after Saleh Al-Amiri, the pioneer in space simulators, left the isolation capsule of the “Sirius 21” mission at 14.00 tomorrow, UAE time, and completed 8 months with the mission. team of 6 American and Russian astronauts, in the experimental complex on Earth. , at the Medical and Biological Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where they performed 71 scientific experiments with the aim of studying the biomedical and psychological problems in humans caused by human isolation in space.
The mission “Mission Number One”, by the Emirates Space Simulation Project, was launched on November 4, 2021, after the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center selected the team consisting of Saleh Al-Amiri as a “core” member to carry out the mission, and Abdullah Al Hammadi as a “reserve”, to assist him in the follow-up team in the complex. The experimental mission, in which the crew of the “Sirius 21” mission worked in a tightly closed body simulating a spacecraft, while mission is part of the space exploration strategy adopted by the US space agency “NASA” for the human research program, and is also necessary for the success of any space exploration mission. And space simulations are a series of field trials performed before the launch of space missions, whether manned or otherwise, and their goal is to simulate space conditions.
Saleh Al-Amiri’s experiments and research within the mission’s experimental complex, which consists of independent controlled life support systems that operate according to specific standards, affected the fields of physiology, psychology and biology, while 4 emirate universities participated in 5 scientific studies. these sciences, namely research from Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, which focused on the effects of long-term exposure to simulated habitats in space on the change of cardiovascular status and postural heart reactions, while the research topic presented by the University of Sharjah suggested a study to determine the effects of stress caused by isolation. on circulatory and musculoskeletal function in crew members during the mission, while measuring clinical, genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic parameters.
The list of research topics submitted for the mission also included a paper presented by the American University of Sharjah on the relief of psychological stress during periods of isolation and closed environments, while the University of the United Arab Emirates proposed research into the psychological challenges that insulation poses. during human flights into space: The role of motivational dynamics Intense interval training as a measure to prevent loss of bone density and insulin resistance in the spatial environment.


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