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‘Saudi Arabia Urges Muslims to Look for Crescent Moon on Monday Night for Eid Al Fitr 2024’

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Eid Al Fitr 2024: Saudi Arabia Urges Muslims to Survey Sky for Crescent Moon

Muslims in Saudi Arabia have received a call to action to look out for the crescent moon on the 29th of Ramadan, which falls on Monday, April 8, 2024 on the Gregorian calendar. The country’s Supreme Court has advised that those who are able to spot the crescent moon, whether with the naked eye or using binoculars, should report their sighting to the nearest court or center to have their testimony recorded.

According to the announcement made by the Saudi Press Agency, the Supreme Court hopes that individuals with the ability to observe the crescent moon will take this matter seriously, participate in the committees set up for this purpose in their regions, and receive the appropriate reward for their involvement.

In a related development, the UAE’s Moon sighting committee is scheduled to meet on the evening of Monday, April 8, to scan the night sky for the crescent moon. With Ramadan lasting 29 days, Eid Al Fitr is expected to begin on Tuesday, April 9, with the Islamic festival falling on April 10. This annual observance marks the end of Ramadan and is a time of celebration and reflection for Muslims worldwide.

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