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“Serpentine Sculptures Brought to Life in VR by Sougwen Chung”

by Dubaiforum

The fusion of art and technology is beautifully showcased in Sougwen Chung’s GENESIS collection, where the collaboration between the human hand and robotic form creates a mesmerizing blend of spatial and temporal dimensions. Using a unique virtual reality process guided by the artist’s avatar, Chung blurs the boundaries between sculpture, drawing, and dance.

The intricate gestures captured in the virtual realm are transformed into physical sculptures that resemble liquid mercury through 3D printing. These sculptures, displayed at Art Dubai Digital 2024 in partnership with Bulgari, highlight Chung’s innovative approach that combines traditional drawing techniques with cutting-edge technology.

GENESIS emphasizes the relationship between human and machine, exploring sensory processes and machine intelligence to redefine how images are created. By leveraging technologies like infrared and lidar sensors, Cheng pushes the boundaries of creativity and challenges traditional artistic processes. This project sets the stage for a deeper exploration of human-machine collaboration in the realm of art.

Chung’s work in the GENESIS collection is a testament to the endless possibilities when art and technology intersect, offering a fresh perspective on how we can push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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