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“Sharjah Charity” returns to schools with 6 thousand school bags

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This includes school supplies as well as computers

3 September 2022



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Sharjah: “The Bay”
Sharjah Charity Society continues to distribute school bag allocations to those who deserve it, as part of the “Back to School” project, the association has allocated – with the support and donations of benefactors – 6000 school bags, in addition to computers up to the twelfth grade.
And it distributed the campaign awards to its beneficiaries yesterday morning, Saturday, at its exhibition, which was held at the association’s headquarters in Samnan, in the presence of Mohammed Rashid bin Bayat, deputy chairman of the board of Sharjah Charitable Society, and Abdullah Sultan bin Khadim, managing director for the Society, as well as in the headquarters of all subdivisions in the central region of Al Dhaid. Al Madam and Al Bataeh, together with the eastern region of Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Dibba Al Hisn, in continuation of the distribution activities that started before the beginning of the new school year, in cooperation with the competent authorities.
Abdullah Sultan bin Khadim, CEO of the Society, said: We congratulate our students on the start of the new school year and we wish them a future full of success, noting that all ambitions and hopes are built on education, while there many cases that are unable to provide their children’s study money and do not even have a price The school bag, and as you know, the student on his school day needs school supplies such as pens, notebooks and other necessities, which are considered easy by some, but for the needy it is a heavy burden.We implement the “Back to School” campaign which is a seasonal campaign through which we give the school bag with all its contents to students from deserving families, which increases the burden of providing the value of this bag, especially as some of these families depend on more than one student, which increases the burden, so the association’s assistance will provide them with bags and all their needs in different designs and colors, so that the recipients do not f are embarrassed among their peers, and the diversity of the sizes of the bags divided by age group was taken into account so as not to burden the students with the history of the Folkeskoleerevenen.
Ibn Khadem added that the back-to-school campaign is part of the educational assistance provided by the association, pointing out that over the past seven years the association was able to deliver 41,000 school bags, 6,000 bags during of the 2015 school year and the grants increased to 7,000 bags during the 2016 school year, while the number was increased to 10,000 bags during the 2017 school year, and during 2018 the association was able to distribute 7,000 bags, as well as 7,000 similar bags during 2019, and during 2018. the year (2020) of the peak of the Corona pandemic, 4000 bags were distributed in addition to 2000 tablets, while 300 tablets were distributed during the past year, while the value of cash assistance to those who defaulted on payment of school fees during last year (2021) amounted to about 16.8 million dirhams.



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