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Sheraa hosts its first ‘Community Talk’ to foster innovation

by Dubaiforum

SHARJAH, 20th February, 2023 (WAM) — The new ‘Sheraa Community Talks’ initiative of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa) recently hosted its first discussion at the House of Wisdom in Sharjah titled ‘How Padel Changed the Community’.

The talk brought together padel enthusiasts and club owners from across the UAE to share personal and professional experiences and insights on the many opportunities for physical development and social engagement this fast-paced, accessible and social sport can offer.

Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa, said, “This first dialogue on the popular sport of padel has offered us a wonderful opportunity to discuss the impact of the sport on business owners, professional players of the sport as well as hobbyists, and on families and the community. Approximately a decade ago, Padel made its debut in the UAE, and since then, over 300 Padel clubs have emerged, effectively generating employment opportunities and highlighting the entrepreneurial mindset in our community to capitalise on an emerging sector and establish enterprises.”

Khalid Alshamsi, UAE national team player and Co-Founder of PadelPoint, said, “Padel is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that brings people together. It’s a unique blend of physical and mental challenges that constantly push you to be your best. I am proud to be a part of a community that is passionate about spreading the joy and excitement of Padel across the UAE and beyond.”

He added, “We were one of the first to take a trade license for Padel alone and was the first indoor padel court in the UAE. Yet, in a few months after we started, we achieved an occupancy rate of 97%, and are continuing to grow. I think 90% of people play Padel for the fun that the game offers, and it is the social aspect that makes it the fastest-growing sport in the world.”

Aisha Alawadhi, sponsored PadelPoint player and winner of the UAE WildCard Championship, said, that Padel is integrating people like never before, and is leading to long-life friendships. The key is to learn to enjoy the game while keeping up the competitive spirit. “I put myself out there to become the best, become the change and learn new skills, and am constantly pushing myself further ahead.”

Saud bin Ruken, UAE National Padel Team Manager and CEO and Co-Founder of Padel Arena, said, “ As the manager of the UAE National Padel Team, I am honoured to work with such talented athletes and passionate individuals who are dedicated to representing our country on the international stage.

“We have a stable market for Padel lovers here, and it is growing exponentially. I help manage clubs that are now focusing on sculpting and vibing the new generation.”

Luli Guerrero, club manager at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub, said, “I played Padel from a young age in Argentina, and Ten years ago, when I first came to the UAE and joined the newly established Padel community here, 100 percent of that community were expats, but now the sport has a large mix of Emiratis and all nationalities in it, and it has become a gateway to cultivating friendships with the Emirati community. Recently, we have also seen an increasing interest in Padel tournaments across the UAE, with players of all ages and levels eager to participate and showcase their skills.”

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