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Souq Al Jubail fish sector received 3.1 million visitors in 2022

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SHARJAH, 1st March, 2023 (WAM) — The Fish Sector at Souq Al Jubail, a project of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, reported nearly 3.1 million visitors to the Fish Sector for both Souq Al Jubail and Souq Al Hamriyah during 2022. The increased demand for the Souq’s services is a result of the excellent selection of fish available in the markets which cater to the various different tastes of shoppers and merchants from within and outside the Emirate of Sharjah.

Sales volumes at Souq Al Jubail and in Souq Al Hamriyah reached more than 7,190 tonnes of local and imported fish and seafood during the same period. The Souq offers competitive rates for its fish stock, in light of the great abundance of local and imported fish.

Ahmed Al Musharrekh, Chief – Hospitality Officer at Souq Al Jubail, said: “Since the opening of Al Jubail Fish Sector (Asmak Al Jubail) in Souq Al Jubail, it has become one of the most prominent and important attractions at the Souq, witnessing a remarkable turnout by visitors due to a tremendous variety of the finest types of live, fresh, local and imported local fish we offer to meet the various tastes of shoppers. The Souq is highly convenient for shoppers looking to avail multiple services under one roof, in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene and quality and utilising the latest international safety systems.”

Al Musharrekh added: “Each year, we are keen to enhance the services and facilities provided to visitors of the Fish Sector. In 2022, the Fish Sector branch in Souq Al Hamriyah was opened to meet the needs of residents and visitors of the region, and to be a qualitative addition the Fish Sector in Souq Al Jubail. This contributes to strengthening the position of Souq Al Jubail as a vital and attractive destination for shoppers locally, regionally and internationally.”

Al Musharrekh stressed that the opening of Al Jubail 1441 Restaurant & Café in Souq Al Jubail is among the most important pioneering achievements in 2022, due to the restaurant’s unique mix of seafood and flavours that combine traditional Emirati character with a modern twist. Chefs at the restaurant receive the finest fresh seafood directly from the fish market in Souq Al Jubail, and have curated a wide selection of multiple internationally famous and well-loved Eastern and Western breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu items that present Emirati flavours in a modern style, to cater to the varying tastes of restaurant visitors…

The fish grill section at Soup Al Jubail also contains a waiting area for visitors and designated areas for preparing and seasoning fish, as well as a space that houses fish grills and ovens for cooking. These sections of the Souq are equipped with the latest innovative technologies that eliminate unpleasant odours, provide central ventilation and air conditioning, and ensure a suitable and comfortable environment for shoppers. All fish and marine products are subject to health examinations by specialised staff from the Sharjah Municipality to ensure compliance and passing of established health requirements in the UAE.

The Fish Sector contains several facilities, including 40 shops selling fish and seafood (the Souq’s largest section), in addition to fish cleaning and cutting sections, where more than 70 expert and highly technical fish cleaner/cutter work daily to meet customer requests at nominal prices. The Souq also boasts its own section for grilling and barbecuing fresh fish, extending over an area of 365 sq. m. The fish market auction is held in the designated auction area daily after the Asr prayer, emulating traditional cultural ways.

Among the most prominent features of the Fish Sector is the employment of advanced technologies and the use of central ventilation systems to prevent the spread of unpleasant odours, in addition to the availability of acceptance of services for mobile payment and smart applications. It also contains waste disposal devices that operate in accordance with the highest set health and hygiene standards.


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