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‘Special message from Sultan Al Neyadi celebrates space mission anniversary’

by Dubaiforum

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi recently commemorated the one-year anniversary of his historic six-month space mission with a heartfelt message shared on social media. Reflecting on his time aboard the International Space Station (ISS), he reminisced about the unique experience of floating in microgravity alongside his fellow crew members.

As the anniversary approached, Al Neyadi acknowledged the upcoming graduation of Nora AlMatrooshi and Mohammad AlMulla from NASA’s Astronaut Candidate Class, just a few days away. Despite his significant accomplishments, Al Neyadi, who also serves as the Minister of Youth, emphasized that the journey in space exploration continues.

From the initial announcement of reaching the ISS to conducting over 200 science investigations during his mission, Al Neyadi has been an integral part of advancing global scientific knowledge. His dedication to the UAE Astronaut Programme has been praised by Salem Al Marri, Director General of Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, who highlighted the program’s success with the support of wise leadership and the astronauts’ efforts.

Looking back on the significant milestones achieved since his historic mission began, Al Neyadi’s journey in space has not only inspired his fellow countrymen but also contributed to the broader scientific community’s understanding of space exploration. As the UAE continues to make strides in space exploration, Al Neyadi’s legacy serves as a testament to the nation’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in the realm of space travel.

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