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‘Steven Wilson Chooses PMC for Premium Audio Experience’

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Steven Wilson to Present Dolby Atmos Demos with PMC Loudspeakers at High End, Munich

Renowned musician Steven Wilson will be showcasing the ultimate large-scale Dolby Atmos audio system provided by PMC at the upcoming High End event in Munich. Wilson, known for his immersive audio expertise, will share insights into using spatial audio as a creative tool in music production.

During the event from 9th to 12th May, Wilson will conduct seminars discussing his use of immersive audio in creating music and remixing classic works by artists such as Tears for Fears, Ultravox, and Roxy Music. Attendees can expect demonstrations of his latest album, The Harmony Codex, highlighting the innovative approach to mixing and mastering in immersive formats.

Wilson expressed excitement about presenting spatial audio to audiophiles in Munich, emphasizing the transformative experience of being enveloped by music. He aims to debunk skepticism surrounding spatial audio by showcasing its ability to enhance the listening experience.

PMC has curated a bespoke audio system for Wilson’s presentations, combining professional studio main-mix monitors with the ci series, known for their excellence in Atmos Music mixing. The setup includes the renowned BB6 XBD Active monitors for front channels and the ci series for surround and height effects, supported by professional subwoofers for low frequencies.

Oliver Thomas, PMC’s commercial director, highlighted the unique opportunity for audiophiles to experience immersive audio at the event, mirroring the setup used in commercial studios for Atmos mixing. Wilson’s expertise will offer attendees a glimpse into the creative potential of immersive audio technology.

Steven Wilson, a pioneer in progressive music, will conduct presentations at room K1, foyer 1, featuring demos of spatial audio tracks from The Harmony Codex and other works. The schedule includes sessions on different days with varying focus on immersive audio playback and audience interaction.

Aside from Wilson’s presentations, PMC will showcase their flagship fenestria and Active twenty5i series speakers at room D106, atrium 3, providing attendees with an opportunity to explore their latest audio innovations.

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