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Success of P.E.I.’s Overseas Nurse Recruitment Efforts: 107 New Hires Join Healthcare Team

by Dubaiforum

Health P.E.I.’s efforts to address a shortage of nurses on the Island by recruiting internationally are proving successful, with over 100 new hires. Ryan White, Health P.E.I.’s director of talent management, revealed that they have recruited 11 new internationally educated health workers and 96 nurses trained overseas who have signed contracts to come to P.E.I. by 2023.

White’s goal is to bring in 10 internationally educated nurses each month, with the new recruits receiving government assistance and temporary housing to aid in their transition. Some recruits face delays due to notice periods at their current jobs and the immigration process to Canada taking several months, leading to financial challenges for the nurses preparing for the move.

With a significant number of Island nurses set to retire soon and high turnover rates, Health P.E.I. aims to recruit 200 nurses by mid-2025. This includes the 107 new overseas hires expected this year, along with nurses recruited from a recent effort in Dubai. White noted the success of the Dubai recruitment trip, where they aimed to hire 50 to 60 nurses.

To support the new recruits, temporary housing is being provided for 60 days, with flexibility offered if settling in takes longer. While challenges exist in finding adequate housing, White acknowledged the support received from landlords in securing temporary accommodations for the nurses.

The retention levels for the new international hires are still unknown, but White expects the trend to remain around 19%, similar to the initial Dubai cohort where some recruits backed out. Beyond recruitment and housing, White emphasized the importance of the community welcoming these new staff members who lack an existing social network.

“We have an opportunity to engage,” White stated. “We should extend our hands in friendship and give them a warm welcome into our communities so we can set them up for success.” paddingTop: 20px;

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