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Successful Heart Transplant Performed on 28-Year-Old Emirati Patient with Multi-Organ Failure by Multidisciplinary Team in Abu Dhabi

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a part of the M42 group, recently completed a groundbreaking heart transplant for Muhammad Al Ketbi, who was suffering from familial cardiomyopathy. The 28-year-old Emirati patient had been battling heart disease for over a decade, which eventually led to multi-organ failure. Initially, he was placed on an Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine to assist his failing heart.

As Muhammad’s condition worsened, he required two separate pumps, one for each side of his heart, known as a biventricular assist device (BiVAD). After four months on the BiVAD, a suitable donor heart was found for the transplant, marking the first case in the UAE where a patient successfully underwent these three stages of treatment.

Upon arriving at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi in a state of cardiogenic shock, Muhammad was found to have debilitating fluid accumulation in his lungs and abdomen. A multidisciplinary team of physicians immediately intervened to drain the fluid in his abdomen, resulting in an improvement in his breathing.

Dr. Nadya Almatrooshi, a staff physician for cardiology at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, highlighted the severity of Muhammad’s case upon his arrival. His condition continued to deteriorate, affecting his liver and kidneys, necessitating the use of ECMO support to provide cardiac and respiratory assistance.

Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, a staff physician for cardiothoracic surgery at the institute, emphasized the importance of preparing Muhammad for the transplant by installing a BiVAD. This helped reverse his kidney and liver failure, ensuring he was in the best possible condition for the surgery.

The successful heart transplant, which lasted about six hours, was carried out smoothly with the support of experts from various subspecialties. Following the procedure, Muhammad’s condition improved, and he was transferred to a cardiology ward for further care.

Five days after the transplant, Muhammad was moved out of the ICU and instructed to adhere to a regimen of immunosuppressants to prevent rejection of the transplanted heart. A week later, he was discharged with instructions to follow up regularly with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Transplant Center.

Muhammad expressed his gratitude for the care he received, attributing his successful recovery to the expertise and dedication of his medical team. His story serves as a testament to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s commitment to providing exceptional care through a collaborative effort across specialties.

Muhammad’s journey back to health showcases the hospital’s personalized approach to care and utilization of cutting-edge technologies. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is the only multi-organ transplant center in the UAE and has been recognized as a Centre of Excellence for adult cardiac surgery by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

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