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‘Summer style shines in Nafsika Skourti’s SS24 Collection’

by Dubaiforum

Nafsika Skourti is excited to present the SS24 collection, a stunning combination of flowing silhouettes, delicate lace details, and a vibrant palette of colors inspired by soft pastels. Drawing inspiration from the carefree essence of a Bohemian summer, the collection exudes effortless femininity with ethereal gowns and airy mini-dresses. Known for her style, Skourti seamlessly blends soft, flowing fabrics with eye-catching embellishments.

The collection pays tribute to the nineties era, featuring unique pieces that showcase the brand’s signature asymmetric necklines and backless designs. Embracing gradient embroidery as a central theme, each item in the collection is transformed into a work of art, adding layers of depth, movement, and a sense of graceful flow. Skourti’s design philosophy revolves around exploring contrasts, and the SS24 collection beautifully marries traditional feminine elements with utilitarian styling and structured tailoring.

“I really challenged myself with this collection, exploring new shapes and silhouettes to capture lightness and ease, without the need for corsetry. I aimed to create dresses that feel as great on the skin as they look. Playing with lace in a myriad of colors from soft pastels like vanilla yellow and aqua green to vibrant shades of periwinkle and cherry, the romanticism of lace is juxtaposed by tailored pieces and accented with silver hardware,” shares Nafsika Skourti about her latest collection.

The SS24 collection invites a fresh perspective on enticing separates that evoke memories of romantic evenings and picturesque landscapes. Dubbed the “inner excursion” collection, it embodies wanderlust and the enchanting allure of summer Bohemia.

To shop Nafsika Skourti’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection online, visit their website. The collection is also available at Ounass, Harvey Nichols Dubai, and Al-Othman Boutique.

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