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Talented Saudi Youth Excel in International Coding Contest

by Dubaiforum

Two Saudi students, Jawaher Shaman and Maram Bin Jubayr, have been recognized for their outstanding achievements in Apple’s prestigious Swift Student Challenge, showcasing the burgeoning tech talent in Saudi Arabia. Shaman, hailed as one of the competition’s top three winners, impressed judges with her groundbreaking “My Child” app, designed to empower individuals with speech impediments. On the other hand, Bin Jubayr’s innovative creation, although not fully disclosed, also earned her a place among the esteemed winners.

This milestone is particularly significant as both students are enrolled at the Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh, the first academy of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on nurturing female programmers. Their success mirrors that of Sabrina Sales, an Abu Dhabi-based developer who has excelled in Apple’s developer programs in the past.

The 2024 Swift Student Challenge winners, including Shaman and Bin Jubayr, exemplify the immense potential that emerges when young minds harness coding to drive positive change. Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations, Susan Prescott, commended the participants for the “breadth and depth” of their work.

Shaman’s “My Child” app is a prime example of this transformative potential, catering to individuals with speech limitations and providing a valuable tool for communication and self-expression. While details of Bin Jubayr’s project are not fully disclosed, it undoubtedly reflects the same spirit of innovation and social impact.

Beyond personal triumph, the recognition of Shaman and Bin Jubayr serves as inspiration for aspiring Saudi developers, particularly young women interested in technology careers. The Apple Developer Academy’s role in supporting their success highlights the academy’s dedication to fostering a diverse and empowered tech talent pool in the region.

Moreover, this achievement positions Saudi Arabia as a rising hub for technological innovation. With two winners from the kingdom standing out in a global competition, it underlines the nation’s growing influence in the tech industry. This acknowledgment is expected to drive further investment and initiatives to strengthen the country’s digital infrastructure and promote a culture of technological advancement.

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