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“Tannoor Eid” … An Emirati heritage for cooking dazzling meat

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“Eid Tanoor” brings joy and happiness to the people of the Emirates as it represents an annual tradition that citizens are eager for as the most delicious and delicious Emirati dishes are prepared by cooking meats that contain many Arabic spices that give it a special taste and a wonderful taste, in addition to the beautiful rituals that accompany this, as the tandoor is lit only on happy occasions, which is without a doubt Eid al-Adha.

In this context, Grandmother Moza Al Shehhi said: “Eid Tanoor is an Emirati tradition on Eid al-Adha that represents the nobility of the past and adherence to the authenticity of our ancient heritage.

The tandoor is a stove dug into the ground for the purpose of grilling meat that is cooked in a special way and has a distinct taste, components, preparation steps and special rituals on these occasions.

Al-Shehhi pointed out an important point, which is that the duration of the meal buried in the oven varies depending on the type of food being prepared and the size of the carcass placed in a pit filled with firewood, which often comes from the Samar tree, the strongest wood species.


Citizen Mahmoud Al Qubaisi explained that the Emirati heritage is full of many beautiful values, principles and customs, and it is imperative for every citizen to be constantly committed to promoting them and preserving their resurrection on occasions.

Al Qubaisi added: “We, as a citizen family from the Al Ain region, are eager to complete the joy of Eid al-Adha by preparing the tandoor, as the preparation for the tandoor meal is often prepared in advance, with all the necessary spices being prepared. and khasef, which is a bag made of palm leaves in which meat, firewood and other things are placed. Except for the meat, which must be fresh and slaughtered a few hours before the oven. ”


Maitha Al Kaabi, a social consultant, pointed out that the emirate community is rich in many authentic social heritage that has refused to remain in place despite the changes, and the Eid tandoor is an important part of the original emirate heritage and regions of the country still preserve it to this day.

Al Kaabi added: “The preparation of the Eid tandoor is also a beautiful opportunity to have lunch that has a different taste, as the party itself is an opportunity for all members of the large family to meet, especially in light of the circumstances. around the family members and their preoccupation with their work, making their meeting all difficult during the days.Common, except in rare cases.


Yasser Al Neyadi, a social programs specialist at Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, said: “I can say that the preparation of the Eid tandoor is one of the authentic emirate customs that has not disappeared to this day. , and as the emirate cuisine has since ancient times been dependent on the goodness of the surrounding local environment Finally, the department arranged a cultural heritage workshop entitled “Tannoor Al-Eid”, to illuminate the traditional steps of cooking grilled meat in “Tannoor” according to folks road in the Al Ain region.

Where they worked hard to achieve the success of the workshop and its goals by introducing the method of preparing Eid Tannour, which is usually served on holidays and occasions, especially Eid al-Adha, and allowing the audience to taste it after completing its preparation. “He stressed that the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism undertakes the task of reviving this custom, which is imbued with the spirit of the past, and returning to years ago, with the aim of reviving it because of its connection to the memory of the Emirates.


Citizens of the various emirates of the country used to cook and cook Tanoor for Eid al-Adha, which is a kind of barbecue for this happy occasion. It starts with cooking barbecue meat and seasoning it with different types of spices.

It should be noted that Eid tandoor is a beautiful heritage that will revive the customs of parents and grandparents and pass it on to future generations and thus contribute to its preservation and continuity.



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