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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides 6 services to Emiratis traveling abroad

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Abu Dhabi: Imad Eddin Khalil

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides 6 services to Emiratis traveling abroad, which facilitate the completion of all their transactions, to ensure their safety, health and security abroad and to spend their holidays without problems or obstacles, including provision of comprehensive and comprehensive health coverage.

The UAE Digital Government explained that the services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are that in case your passport is lost, damaged or stolen, the Ministry provides the service of issuing a new emergency passport abroad and citizens can also register opt for the “My presence” service through the ministry’s website. Or the (UAEMOFA) application that can be downloaded via the Android and iOS platforms. In countries where there is no diplomatic representation of the country, citizens can call 0097180044444, or communicate with the ministry via e-mail: [email protected].

She added that with regard to the welcome SMS service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Telecommunications Authority, according to a memorandum of understanding, offer a separate initiative to the country’s traveling citizens, which falls under the “My presence” service. , which enables the traveling citizen to receive a welcome SMS for the country traveled to, provided he activates his phone number from the authorized service providers in the UAE (“you” and “Etisalat”). The service clarifies the addresses and numbers of emergency telephone numbers for state representatives from embassies and consulates outside the country, in order to facilitate communication between the citizen and the state in case of crises and emergencies.

She pointed out that the ministry in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Company (Daman) provides the “Musafir” program to ensure international travel for urgent health cases that a citizen may be exposed to outside the country. The program aims to spare citizens and members of their families from the risk of urgent health cases and from incurring additional costs while they are outside the country.

She explained that the program provides broad and comprehensive health coverage in the world at a cost of up to 500,000 dirhams per person. person per year and is characterized by a direct payment system, which means that it paid the treatment costs directly from the Musafir program, unlike some other programs that oblige the insured to pay all costs and then he will be compensated later, and the annual insurance premium is 399 dirhams for those aged 19 and above and 250 dirhams for subscribers (18 and below) and the Musafir program is valid for one year. The Subscriber has insurance coverage for all travel trips that he undertakes, provided that each trip does not exceed 90 days.

She emphasized that the program covers all emergency services, whether they are inside or outside the hospital, and the insured can communicate with a specialized call center that works around the clock.

She added that among the services the ministry provides to citizens is the issuance and renewal of passports at the airport, with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports providing a 24-hour passport renewal service at the airport. airport.

It also provides UAE nationals abroad, through all its accredited embassies, consulates and missions, the service of receiving passport renewal requests and the service of issuing a new emergency passport in lieu of a return ticket.

An emergency passport is issued by state missions to those who have lost their original passports outside the country, those who have lost their identity cards in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, damaged passports, expired passports, evacuation cases in crises and emergencies, and births to a non-citizen or foreigner mother’s country, or according to the repatriation committee’s decision Children of citizens living abroad from a foreign mother.

It urged citizens traveling abroad to take advantage of the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


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