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The National Archives and the Library participate in an international conference on translation

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Hazza Abu Al Rish (Abu Dhabi)

The National Archives and Library intends to participate in the International Translation Conference organized by the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies at the Faculty of Philology of the Vilnius University of the Republic of Lithuania under the slogan “Translation, Ideology and Ethics: Response and Credibility”, with a research entitled: “Towards Strengthening the Translation Movement in the Middle East: Archive Initiatives” And the National Library in the Emirates is a model,” to review important aspects of its national activities and achievements in international cultural circles.
The research presented by translation expert Siddik Gohar aims to shed light on the efforts that the National Archives and Library have made to promote the translation movement at the human and civilized, cognitive and social, professional, historical and educational level.
In addition, Hamad Al-Humairi, director of the Institute for Research and Knowledge Services, says: Translation is a means of educating and dialogue and building bridges between civilizations and cultures throughout the ages, and the role that the National Archives and the Library play in the field of translation makes it worthy of becoming presented as a role model at this international conference, as we provide translation Of great importance, as many of our publications have been translated into several languages, and we have also translated the most important international publications regarding the specializations of the archives and the national library into Arabic, in addition to the conferences, seminars and lectures that we present in this area.
He added: The role played by the National Archives and the Library in the field of translation is in line with the direction of the UAE, which it considers one of the most important foundations of the renaissance, which opens the doors to absorb all kinds of knowledge and sciences.
The paper, in which the Archives and the National Library participate in the international conference, also addresses the linguistic and cultural challenges and obstacles faced by translators working in the many translation projects in the National Archives and the Library, focusing on issues of machine translation and artificial intelligence output and mechanisms and how to utilize them to support the translation process from foreign language to Arabic.
In his research, Professor Jawhar explains the UAE’s leadership in promoting the value of translation as the cornerstone of the cultural life of any civilized people and takes the National Archives and Library as a model that shows the recovery the translation movement is witnessing in the UAE, which are eager to take advantage of translation to enrich the Arabic library with the best of thought. and in highlighting the civilized face of the state by translating the most prominent Arabic innovations into the languages ​​of the world.
The research refers to the initiatives and scholarly endeavors adopted by the National Archives and Library of the United Arab Emirates, foremost of which is the (Translations) project, which strengthens scholarly participation in conferences and supports the translation movement locally, regionally and globally. Professors of translation from the most important international universities.


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