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The prices of textbooks burden the students’ families..Private schools provide facilities

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Students from private schools in the northern emirates reported that the prices of textbooks for the next academic year are very expensive, as their price ranges from 1,500 to 2,300 dirhams, and students’ parents can pay more than 7,000 dirhams for textbooks if they have more than one student, which adds new financial burdens. On the other hand, private schools reported that they provide three facilities to students’ families regarding textbook fees, including installments of their prices with tuition fees, and allowing students’ families to purchase them outside the school or print them to account for their financial situation.

Private schools have indicated that they have received observations from students’ families during the registration of students for the next academic year regarding the increase in the prices of textbooks, especially for those who have more than one student in the classroom, and that they cannot pay the value . of the textbooks in their entirety, in addition to the first installment of tuition fees.

She added that textbooks are not subject to profit by private schools, but are imported from abroad, especially for the American and British curricula, and that their high price comes from the source, as they are printed in color, which also increases their price to shipping and handling charges.

She pointed out that students’ families are not required to buy textbooks from schools if they are provided outside the school, provided the textbooks are the same with no missing pages or differences in the curriculum.

She added that due to the circumstances of students’ families who are unable to pay the value of textbooks in full at the beginning of the school year, they can be paid in installments with the tuition fees set by the school’s administration and the students’ families can also buy books outside the school if their prices are lower than the prices available in the schools In addition to the opportunity to photograph them using books by their fellow students.

The private schools stated that if the textbooks were photographed, the pages should be clear and tidy and that they be packed in libraries like the original books, pointing out that students are prohibited from using books that have been used before because they contain answers , would negatively affect the level The students’ families have the right to buy books individually if they lack some of them and others are available to them.

The schools clarified that they are taking every measure that helps to ease the financial burdens of the students’ families and help not to delay any student’s time in the classroom at the beginning of the school year for any reason, as the schools provide appropriate solutions for the students. ‘ families regarding various fees and student benefits. Private schools: Books are not for profit and are imported.

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