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The sculptures of the artist Wael Hilal carry messages of Syrian creativity to the UAE

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Bags of creativity carried by the artist Wael Helal to the UAE to participate in the exhibition “Ishraqat 2022” with wooden sculptures smelling of jasmine.

The artist Walid is his environment, and the homeland is the most precious thing we have, and love beats in our blood. We translate it creatively.. With these words, the artist and sculptor Hilal began his talk to SANA, who summed up his attachment to Syria by saying: “My homeland is a long history full of life, and my message as a Syrian artist I translate with my sculptural works that embody the beauty in our human existence. and historical.”

Hilal, who recently participated in the United Arab Emirates in the Brights exhibition 2022 in the Emirate of Dubai with a group of Arab artists through eight wooden sculptural works that simulate many human cases, including nostalgia, pain and joy.

Regarding the importance of participating in the exhibition, the artist Hilal indicated that it is a rich and important experience, and I had the honor to present my work in the Emirates and get to know its kind and loving people, as I was contacted and invited by the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation and in cooperation with the Spirit of Art Group.

Hilal considered the artist’s participation outside his country as an opportunity to convey his culture and works and introduce the civilization of his land and its history, in addition to its role in shaping a new vision and style. A monumental dialogue in Arabic language and calligraphy, leaving passers-by and recipients with a visual component inspired by their culture.

And about the secret of his artistic talent, which he practiced in his life, between Hilal, that since his childhood he was immersed in thinking about the beauty of this universe and beyond, which made me feel absolutely happy and a strange feeling that creates in my mind many questions.. How was the beginning of time and place… and what are the assets that consist of matter and soul Image, form, harmony and balance between them… to begin his creative journey at the age of eleven.

He said, “My research journey began at this early age by watching the icons created in nature, beings and humans in everything around me. I searched for the nucleus, composition, similarity, harmony, plants, nature, sea, mountains and living creatures, and I realized at that time that the secret of this formation is the curved line.”

Artist Hilal relied in his art on conveying the culture of sculpture to define the recipient in a beautiful and enjoyable visual language by transforming hard surfaces into soft surfaces within artistic abstract lines that touch the heart and leave a deep impact based on the balance between mass and emptiness and a meticulously studied projection of light on the surfaces of these works.

These details in Hilal’s work were the secret of his distinction, as he harnesses his observations and feelings and satisfies his astonishment and passion for research, which motivates him to transform these depths and questions into sculptural formations.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Hilal, was born in As-Suwayda Governorate in 1978. He is a member of the Union of Plastic Artists. He has individual exhibitions, including the Buildex exhibition in Syria for six sessions and group ones, such as the International Basalt Forum in the city of Suwayda and the second basalt sculpture exhibition. He also had a solo exhibition within the activities of the International Building Exhibition (Buildex). ) in the exhibition city in Damascus in June 2019 under the title (Harmony).

Mehran Abu Fakhr

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