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The UAE is consolidating its position as a prominent destination for attracting human competencies

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The UAE is consolidating its position as a prominent destination for attracting human competencies

In the context of the launch of the United Arab Emirates’ plans to celebrate their golden anniversary, and in support of the efforts to achieve the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071, the national institutions began their relentless quest to maintain their own imprint in this national races that define the characteristics of the state over the next fifty years by helping to consolidate the position of the state A global capital that attracts the most talented brains, ideas and the best skills.

In this context, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced a few days ago that they were issuing a golden residence visa to high school students and their families living in the implementation of specific government decisions that the UAE is witnessing in the new entry system and residence visas , with the aim of strengthening the country’s position as an ideal destination for living, working and investing, and to support the process of economic growth sustainable development by attracting and retaining qualified talents and competencies from around the world.

The new system coincides with the “fiftieth year”, when the United Arab Emirates celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its founding and begins to prepare for the next fifty years, as part of a national action strategy, the largest of its kind, seeking to launch a more advanced and pioneering development phase in all vital sectors. Community members of all ages and social groups are participating in it, consolidating the United Arab Emirates’ position as a prominent destination for attracting talent, supporting its efforts to develop a knowledge-based economy and establishing a new chapter in the country’s march aimed at building and develop human capabilities, to become among the most prominent resources and components of development plans. Support our country’s march towards comprehensive progress in all components of life.

Although the United Arab Emirates has advanced positions globally in the indicators of competitiveness and trends towards globalization, this would not have made its decision makers trust these advanced positions and they are the ones who are not satisfied with anything but leadership and always maintain it so that the United Arab Emirates continues its quest to be number one globally on its centenary, which falls in 2071, stemming from what was established by its founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, must his soul rest in peace, and what it is wise leadership has strived to preserve its true richness represented in human capital by developing education, talent acquisition, retention of specialists, and continuous skill building.

This confirms the foresight and the insightful vision of our leadership, which is constantly striving to create the future instead of waiting for it, and transforming today’s challenges into opportunities to take advantage of tomorrow.

* About the bulletin “News of the Hour” published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.


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