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The Ultimate Summer Camp Experience

by Dubaiforum

Choosing the right nursery for your child is a pivotal decision that can profoundly influence their early development and future success. These early educational environments serve as the foundation for learning and social interaction.

A well-chosen nursery provides more than just a place for children to spend time; it fosters a nurturing environment where they can develop essential skills such as language, literacy, numeracy, and emotional regulation. One such nursery that exemplifies this commitment to early childhood education is the new Early Explorers Nursery in Sharjah. This nursery sets the stage for a child’s earliest educational experiences with an unparalleled dedication to nurturing development, fostering curiosity, and ensuring a safe, stimulating environment.

Part of the esteemed Scholars International Academy (SIA), which boasts a legacy of visionary leadership spanning over 45 years, Early Explorers Nursery is dedicated to providing unparalleled educational brilliance. The nursery employs the world’s most trusted EYFS British curriculum framework, ensuring that children receive a high-quality education that meets international standards.

A seven-week summer camp where children can embark on an unforgettable adventure

Going beyond conventional education, Early Explorers Nursery offers tailored opportunities for play, discovery, and exploration to cater to each child’s unique qualities. Starting from 1 July, the nursery is hosting a seven-week summer camp that promises an unforgettable adventure for young minds. Each week of the camp is themed, allowing children to explore a wide range of topics through fun and engaging activities.

During Space Adventure week, children will learn about planets, stars, and galaxies while engaging in hands-on activities that spark their imagination. The Animal Kingdom week will introduce kids to a variety of creatures and habitats, fostering a love for nature and wildlife conservation. Desert Discoveries will take children on a journey through arid landscapes, teaching them about desert adaptations and survival skills.

Cooking Fun Week will ignite a passion for culinary creativity as children whip up delicious treats from around the world. Water Fun Days and Tropical Island week will provide opportunities for exciting water play and exploration of tropical ecosystems. The summer camp culminates in Art & Craft Wonderland, where children can express themselves through painting, sculpting, and creating inspired masterpieces based on the week’s themes.

Led by nurturing educators and designed to spark curiosity and joy

The summer camp at Early Explorers Nursery is led by nurturing educators who are committed to sparking curiosity and joy in each child. The dynamic blend of learning and play ensures that children have a memorable experience that inspires a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.

Join Us for a Summer to Remember!

The summer camp at Early Explorers Nursery runs from 1 July to 16 August, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm each day, and costs just AED 600 per week. The full itinerary includes themed weeks such as Space Adventure, Animal Kingdom, Desert Discoveries, Mini Chef/Cooking Fun, Water Fun Days, Tropical Island, and Art & Craft Wonderland. Each week offers a unique and engaging experience for children to learn, grow, and have fun.

Early Explorers Nursery offers an educational journey that goes beyond the ordinary, and the summer camp is no exception. Parents can rest assured that their children will have a summer filled with excitement, learning, and unforgettable memories. Join Early Explorers Nursery for a summer of discovery and adventure, where dreams take flight and lasting friendships are made.

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