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The United Arab Emirates is the embrace of space and its fortress – Al Ittihad newspaper

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With great joy and good Al-Badi’, the United Arab Emirates reaches the core of space with its citizens’ abilities and cadres supported with full force by a leadership that realized that the earth is not sufficient for supernatural energies, so it chose space as an area to write the poem of history and build its epic, build thrones of science and discover yourself from the vast area planted with countless astronomical herbs.
Emirati satellites crowd the satellites of the sky and embrace them with love and a passion for knowledge and spacecraft roaming the spacious streets of space predicting the rewriting of human history and with a pure Emirati pen mastering the language of creativity and using the alphabet of narration with the whole meaning of the word, and a title of the most important country today enjoys emotion. His children overflow with love for a world that has begun to form again, and they color its map with consciousness and awareness of the importance of reaching, and life is only a bridge to reach and not a place to stop.
This is Emirates’ project in the coming days and this is what its sons want and this is the secret of its leadership’s success in examining its capabilities and then setting eyes on it to invest what lies in it and what it possessing enormous dazzling energies and amazing abilities.
Today, there are fifty international and local space companies and facilities that are preparing to manufacture a space of tomorrow with Emirati brilliance and a skill that originates from the core of this country, which has made space a street of diverse and numerous gardens, so there is no place to stop and no room to rely on lost opportunities. On the contrary, the UAE youth are determined to take advantage Rivers of the available opportunities and try them and throw their buckets to the witness chambers to light the stage with innovations that bring good to the country and the people and nothing is more beneficial than knowledge and beneficial , that illuminates people’s paths, and opens them up to the prospects of a prosperous and happy life, and it is not more important than pairing love with knowledge as Einstein said – knowledge without love destroys the self and the world – and with this beautiful human logic runs UAE its space locomotives out of love for this universe, a passion for science and an attachment to the importance of being an important part in the triangle of the five continents. Not to keep up, but out of a belief in superiority and achieving what is more important and more general. This is the idea of ​​the Emirates which is unique to it. Touches the wisdom of the creators and the acumen of the knowers and the wit of those who made the dream come true and the truth to a connection and a connection to an overlap and harmony with the whole world.
This is the story of Emirati success and this is the point of agreement between them and the civilized world and this is the Emirati phase that emerged from the bowels of the Gulf and became the white wave that whispers in the ears of the world saying, “We is here with our solution and our solution.Private, just like our projects on the ground, which today have become the model and example.


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