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“Timeline: The Era When Jumeirah Emirates Towers Held the Title of Tallest Buildings in Dubai”

by Dubaiforum

Dubai, known for its iconic skyline filled with skyscrapers, was once dominated by two towers that stood tall before the Burj Khalifa – the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. This architectural marvel, along with the World Trade Centre, defined the city’s horizon and marked a new era of grandeur in Dubai.

Back in the mid-1990s, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, launched an international design competition for a new landmark in the city’s financial hub. The competition sought twin towers that would surpass the height of the World Trade Centre, setting a new standard for Dubai’s skyline.

The winning design, crafted by architect Hazel Wong, gave birth to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. These twin structures, with the larger tower soaring to a height of 354.6 metres, seamlessly blend traditional Islamic architecture with a contemporary aesthetic. Clad in aluminium panels that play with sunlight, the towers create an ever-changing spectacle depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Construction on the towers began in 1996 and culminated in their official opening on April 15, 2000. At the time, the larger tower ranked as the 10th tallest building in the world, solidifying its place as a global architectural marvel. While the taller tower serves as an office building, its shorter counterpart, standing at 305 metres, houses a luxurious hotel with 400 rooms and suites.

The Jumeirah Emirates Towers complex also includes The Boulevard, a central podium connecting the two towers, designed by the renowned architecture firm Perkins + Will. Surrounding the towers are gardens, waterfalls, and ample parking for 1,500 vehicles. The site is even frequented by flocks of peacocks that roam the grounds.

Over the years, Jumeirah Emirates Towers has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Good Night Sleep award at the Sleep Expo 2020. Despite the rise of new architectural wonders in Dubai, such as the Museum of the Future, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers continue to stand out as enduring landmarks along Sheikh Zayed Road.

With a rich history spanning two decades, these towers serve as a testament to Dubai’s unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence. They remain a shining example of the city’s evolution into a global hub of modernity and luxury.

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