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To create the artistic image between the word and the brush

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Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

When we read the poem or listen to it, we feel the aesthetics of poetic images, just as we feel the same aesthetics when we see an art exhibition, because each image has its artistic and aesthetic significance, whether in poetry or formation, even if the tool differs between poetic words and painting lines and colors, and if the imagination combines them. The poet creates his poetic painting with words, “painting with words”, as the poet Nizar Qabbani said, and the artist creates his plastic painting with lines and colors that give the viewer beautiful poetic connotations and suggestions.
In this regard, plastic artist Kholoud Al-Jabri emphasizes the common sense of beauty between poetic vision and plastic painting and says that she had an experience in this regard when she worked on “Princess Diwan” by the poet Salem Boujamhour, indicating that the art of formation is very much linked to the word through artistic images formed by imagination.Which is inspired by the words of the poem in the formation of the painting with a poetic vision in which the poet and artist participate in the fantasy process. the poet writes the words, and the artist captures with his imagination the metaphorical image and transforms it into a painting.

  • Kholoud Al Jabri
    Kholoud Al Jabri

Al-Jabri points out that some of them draw realistic paintings, and some turn poetry into an artistic state that expresses the aesthetics of the situation, which is shaped by the poet’s words in an artistic and surrealistic fantasy. Al-Jabri added that when the artist paints, he is in a poetic state because the art is inspired by reality and imagination, even though the tools are different. Imagination in working with his new subject so that it comes with plastic images and this leads to shared experiences between an artist and a poet.
As for the role of colors in such a case, Al-Jabri emphasizes the importance of colors in deepening the artistic and aesthetic connotation between the poem and the painting. These works are enriched by experience and are not purely realistic art forms. And she adds: In the beginning, I was able to turn words into artistic forms in painting, especially since women in the beginning were not able to express the things they believed in, so it can be expressed by drawing f. ex. surreal school, which I was at that time characterized by, as the painting is able to express About emotions more than words.
When asked about the flash or the long poem, and which is more expressive in the painting, Al-Jabri believes that this depends on the strength of the imagination and the text presented to the artist. There is some challenge in that, and drawing gives the artist a strength that results in distinctive and very expressive works.

  • Shomali cream
    Shomali cream

Technical metaphor
In return, plastic artist Karima Shomali stressed the importance of the convergence between poetry and formation in the creative experience and says: There is a connection between poetry and formation. They are inspired by nature and poetic impulses in creating their poems, especially that painting, what whether it is with its colors or even the brushstrokes in it, evokes beautiful feelings in the same recipient, and there are many experiences with these arts.
She continued: “Every artist has his own style and can express a poetic state with artistic images in accordance with the vision he gets by reading a poem or by contemplating a landscape, and then adds from his artistic world and imagination what that comes to him, whether by the movement of the feather or the overlapping colors and artistic spaces that permeate the work And leaves its aesthetic impact in the same scenes.When the poet also watches an art exhibition and sees a work of art standing by him or pulling on it, he is inspired by a poetic image through the idea of ​​painting, and therefore we see a convergence in the art of creativity between poetry and formation.


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