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Traybae Launches A Limited Edition Cookies and Créme Gourmet Collection For August

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Serving up trending UK inspired treats, Traybae announces the launch of the new Cookies and Créme Collection for the month of August. The Dubai-based start-up is back with two new flavors packed into the most decadent, soft and creamy treats for any sweet tooth!

More than just cake or confectionary, Traybae is an experience designed for those that share an appreciation for fine quality and delectable sweet treats. Known for its “moreish” and indulgent flavors, Traybae provides Dubai residents with incredible “palette pleasers” in different, delicious forms and on occasion, like this month, Traybae releases a special, limited-edition combination tray bake that just explodes with goodness.

For the month of August, Traybae-fans can enjoy one or both options from the Cookies and Créme Collection. Try the Cookies and Créme Brookie, a deep celebration of milk chocolate featuring the ultimate combination of cookies and cream swirls and crumbs, is a must for any OG cookie and cream lover. For the fans who prefer white chocolate, however, Traybae has crafted the Golden Blondie exploding with the perfect pairing of white chocolate chunks and Golden Oreos.

The Cookies and Créme Brookie!

If chocolate creaminess and Oreo crunch is what you are after- this is the right place. The Cookies and Créme Brookie has a gooey milk chocolate cookie base oozing out with each bite. The Brookie is also completely filled with the world’s favorite cookie and topped with Traybae’s OG brownie mix. Traybae has really taken the OG brownie mix to a whole new level of goodness with this heavenly combination. Oh, and of course there is an Oreo crumb layer at the top making it literal perfection in square form.

The Golden Blondie!

This delicious blondie is the love child of Traybae’s signature Blondie recipe and Golden Oreos. Delve into the thick and chunky Belgian white chocolate pieces laced throughout each square and indulge in the dreamy Blondie base and Golden Oreo toppings.


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