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Turkish man wins 10 million dirhams in “lucky” draw

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Once again, dreams in the UAE are coming true, and the lucky one this time is the Turkish citizen “engin celik”, who last Saturday won 10 million dirhams, the value of the grand prize in the 81st weekly “lucky” draw, to become the 23rd millionaire Engin, who was featured at the live weekly “lucky” raffle since it was first launched about two years ago.

Engin, 33, has lived in Dubai for two and a half years and worked as a civil engineer in a construction company in the emirate. Engin said during a press conference that he had not thought that the two bottles of water he had bought for 70 dirhams through the “lucky” website would make him a millionaire from one day to the next.

He added: “This victory is a dream come true for me, I would never have imagined that I would win such a large amount. This event will radically change my life and my family’s life for the better, without doubt. I am very grateful to the lucky one for giving me this golden opportunity to realize all my dreams and advance my ambitions and hopes for a brighter future. “

Engin explained that he intends to buy an apartment in the Palm area of ​​Dubai and that he will award part of the amount as university scholarships to excellent students in Turkey.

Farid Samji, CEO of eWings, which is responsible for running the weekly “Lucky” raffle, said “Lucky” was able to achieve a prestigious reputation in a short time by delivering 23 millionaires in just over two years, pointing out that the total prizes awarded by “Lucky” so far amounted to 200 million dirhams, which were handed over to 170,000 people from 177 nationalities around the world who participated in a lucky draw.

The purchase of a water bottle for 35 dirhams on the “Lucky” website provides the opportunity to participate in the weekly raffle, which offers 300,000 dirhams for three winners a week, for 100,000 each, while the water bottles are donated to the needy via community partners in the “Lucky”. The “Lucky” raffle is the first of its kind in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, allowing participants to change their lives for the better through weekly prizes worth millions of dirhams. Lucky’s mission is to realize people’s dreams and help strengthen communities.



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