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UAE Joins Session of Permanent Council of Francophonies

by Dubaiforum

The 19th Francophonie Summit, scheduled to be held in France this October, saw a series of productive meetings addressing various topics of mutual interest among the francophone space. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stood out by participating as an associate member in all discussions, showcasing its dedication to fostering multilateral Francophonie cooperation and enhancing its already strong relations with the French-speaking community.

As the host country for the upcoming summit, France took the opportunity to set the stage for the discussions by adopting a number of preparatory projects aimed at ensuring a successful and fruitful gathering of senior officials, ministers, and other high-level participants. The UAE’s active participation in these meetings further solidified its commitment to the goals and values of the Francophonie organisation.

One of the key areas of focus during the meetings was the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity within the francophone space. Participants discussed the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of languages and traditions that make up the French-speaking world. They also explored ways to support cultural exchanges and collaborations that would further strengthen the bonds of unity and solidarity among Francophonie countries.

In addition to cultural matters, the meetings also delved into economic and political cooperation among Francophonie nations. Participants exchanged ideas and best practices on how to promote sustainable development, create economic opportunities, and address common challenges facing member countries. The UAE’s active engagement in these discussions highlighted its dedication to supporting the socio-economic advancement of Francophonie nations.

Furthermore, the meetings provided a platform for dialogue on pressing global issues, such as climate change, security, and human rights. Participants shared their perspectives and insights on these matters, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in addressing complex challenges that transcend national borders. The UAE’s participation in these discussions underscored its commitment to being a responsible and active member of the global community.

As the host country for the upcoming summit, France expressed its gratitude for the UAE’s continued support and active participation in Francophonie initiatives. The strong presence of the UAE in these meetings reflected its unwavering commitment to promoting dialogue, cooperation, and understanding among nations, regardless of linguistic or cultural differences.

In conclusion, the recent meetings leading up to the 19th Francophonie Summit served as a testament to the enduring strength and vitality of the French-speaking community. The UAE’s enthusiastic participation in these discussions reaffirmed its status as a valued partner in the Francophonie organisation and its dedication to enhancing cooperation and solidarity among member countries. With the summit fast approaching, all eyes are now on France as it prepares to welcome delegates from around the world for what promises to be a momentous and impactful gathering of the Francophonie community.

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