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“UAE To Provide 10-Year Visa for Sustainability Experts”

by Dubaiforum

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the launch of the ‘Blue Residency,’ a 10-year visa program specifically designed for sustainability experts and environmental advocates. This initiative aims to recognize and reward individuals who have made significant contributions to environmental conservation.

Covering a wide range of environmental activities, the Blue Residency visa celebrates efforts such as air quality improvement and the promotion of green technology. By acknowledging diverse contributions to environmental protection, the UAE is highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability.

During a recent Cabinet meeting, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid emphasized the interconnectedness of economic and environmental sustainability, stating, “The sustainability of our economy is directly tied to the sustainability of our environment.” This underscores the UAE’s dedication to promoting sustainable development and environmental preservation.

The introduction of the Blue Residency visa is part of a series of initiatives launched to commemorate 2024 as the year of sustainability, reflecting the country’s ongoing commitment to green initiatives. This move solidifies the UAE’s position as a leader in environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts.

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