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UAEU Celebrates the Winners of the Chancellor’s ‎Innovation Awards 2022‎

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Ain, 12 February, 2022 : The United Arab Emirates ‎University
hosted a ceremony to celebrate the faculty, ‎students,
and administrative staff selected as winners of the ‎Chancellor’s
Innovation Awards 2022.  H.E. Zaki ‎Nusseibeh,
Cultural Adviser to H.H. the President of the ‎UAE
and Chancellor of the UAEU addressed the winners ‎and
an audience of the University Executive Leadership, ‎faculty,
students, and staff of the Academic Colleges, and ‎members
of the administrative departments. He said, “The ‎Chancellor’s
Innovation Awards underline that innovation ‎is
the role of every member of a university community: ‎students,
faculty members, and administrative staff. The ‎awards
remind and support our community to think deeply ‎about
their disciplines and professional occupations, to ‎identify
problems and opportunities, and to offer creative ‎solutions
that address the challenges and gaps. ‎

explained the importance of the Chancellor’s ‎Innovation
Awards as “the opportunity to affirm the ‎connection
between the work of our University and the ‎UAE’s
national priorities: renewable energy, transportation, ‎education,
health, water resources, space, technology, social ‎innovation,
and administrative innovation. We have made ‎awards
for innovation in each of these areas”.‎

reminded the audience that “the primary mission of a ‎university
is to foster original thought.  We
inculcate the ‎spirit
and skills of innovation through our undergraduate ‎programs.
Our postgraduate students are required to make ‎enquiries
to identify problems and gaps in knowledge and ‎practice,
and to make recommendations for change and ‎solutions.
Our academic researchers and faculty members ‎are
continuously advancing the thresholds of knowledge, ‎developing
new methodologies and techniques, and ‎experimenting
with new practices. In addition our ‎administration
is constantly seeking to improve our ‎efficiency
and effectiveness of our organisation, to ensure ‎the
highest standards of service.  All the
community is ‎responsible
for innovation and demonstrating the purpose ‎of
a university”.‎

winners of the Chancellor’s Innovation Awards were ‎selected
from a large number of proposals submitted by ‎individuals
and teams. The Chancellor thanked all ‎members
of the community who participated, saying, ‎‎“Every
individual and team who submitted an entry for the ‎Chancellor’s
Awards deserves commendation for their time, ‎effort,
and willingness to invest in the innovation mission of ‎the
University”. He went on to encourage the further efforts ‎of
those who did not succeed on this occasion. “I urge ‎everyone
to remember that there is no reward without work ‎and
risk of failure, and failure is a necessary part of the ‎learning
process towards success. We therefore look ‎forward
to the future success of participants who have not ‎yet
gained their winning place”.‎

Award winners today are those who, after a ‎painstaking
process of evaluation, have been judged to ‎have
best met the Award’s criteria. They have been chosen ‎because
their proposals are original, novel, and creative. ‎Many
proposals are technically ingenious and complex. ‎Some
are simple and neat. All are useful and valuable. All ‎award
winners have demonstrated that their innovations ‎will
meet real needs, are effective and economical, and ‎have
the potential to be applied at scale. The award winners ‎have
also shown leadership in making a proposal, and ‎persuading
others who are not experts that their innovations ‎work,
and that they are worthwhile. We offer our ‎congratulations
to them”.‎

the importance of innovation, the Chancellor ‎said,
“Innovation is written into the Ten Principles that our ‎leadership
has set out to guide the development of the UAE ‎in
the next 50 years. Innovation is key to attracting ‎investment,
it is key to diversification of our economy, it is ‎essential
to our future global competitiveness, and it is ‎essential
to resolving the complex challenges that every ‎nation
in the world faces together. The UAE continues to ‎require
people who can critically analyse complex ‎problems,
create innovative solutions and take the risk to ‎invest
in change. Our government focus on innovation is ‎designed
to secure the entrepreneurial success and ‎sustainability
of our nation into the future. At the UAEU we ‎now
look forward to implementing today’s innovations and ‎to
experiencing the benefits that they will bring to us in the ‎future”.‎


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