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UAEU launches ‘Virtual Reading Corner’ to mark Reading Month

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ALAIN, 8th March, 2022 (WAM) — The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the ‎United Arab Emirates University organized a lecture ‎‎entitled “Reading and Media in a Changing World” within the ‎activities of the Reading Month, with participation of Dr. ‎Ahmed Al-Mansoori and Dr. Khalaf Al-Tahat from the ‎Department of Media and Creative Industries‏.‏ Head of the Media and Creative Industries Department, Dr. ‎Ahmed Al-Mansoori, said: “In light of the rapid ‎technological developments that have left their print on the ‎media scene, specifically the production of quality media ‎content that respects people’s minds, media students need ‎to acquire basic skills today: reading, following-up, and ‎smart selection of content‏.‏ Dr. Khalaf Al-Tahat pointed out that today’s media ‎professionals are required to exert greater effort to protect ‎serious media content that serves the interests of the public ‎by providing multi-source and balanced information media ‎materials that respect people’s minds and do not allow ‎rumors to pass and stop misleading information that ‎disrupt the energies and efforts of governments. He also ‎added that continuous reviewing, exploring, and reading of ‎new products are the most important tools for maintaining ‎the quality of performance and distinguishing the media ‎from the non-media in an open space in which there is a ‎total disorder in the production of information‏.‏ The Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the ‎College of Humanities and Social Sciences launched a ‎‎”Virtual Reading Corner” to coincide with the activities of the ‎UAE Reading Month‏.‏ Head of the department, Prof. Saif Al Mahrouqi, said: ‎Believing in the importance of reading in upgrading the ‎culture of the individual and society, the idea of the virtual ‎reading corner came in line with current events in light of ‎the pandemic and transition to the virtual world. He added, ‎‎”Through this corner, we will publish a ‎book that is nominated by the public, by summarizing and ‎highlighting its value and benefit for the reader on a weekly ‎basis.”
Supervisor of the Dhad Club in the Department of Arabic ‎Language, Dr. Ghanima Al-Yamahi, said that the “virtual ‎reading corner” is a means of communication between the ‎audience and writers in a life in which the individual spends ‎most of time browsing social media, internet sites or ‎YouTube videos. She said: We will learn through this ‎initiative the number of readers and the content of their ‎readings, and benefit from their opinions and impressions ‎about the offered books‏.‏

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