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‘Urban Air Mobility Revolution: Vertiports set to transform transportation in 2025’

by Dubaiforum

Exciting news for UAE residents as flying cars are set to become a reality by 2025. American electric flying car manufacturer, Archer, has partnered with UAE’s Falcon Aviation to introduce a groundbreaking urban air mobility solution.

The collaboration will see the establishment of vertiports at iconic locations such as Falcon Heliport at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai and the Marina Mall Heliport in Abu Dhabi. These vertiports will revolutionize intercity travel by drastically reducing the travel time between the two cities from 60-90 minutes by car to just 10-30 minutes by air using Archer’s innovative Midnight aircraft, a piloted, four-passenger electric air taxi.

Passengers will be treated to breathtaking views of the cityscape and the Arabian Sea as the flights exclusively traverse over water. This initiative not only showcases the UAE’s dedication to pioneering urban air mobility but also signals a new era of efficient, sustainable, and visually captivating commuting options.

Archer’s international debut in the UAE coincides with similar advancements in the region, with companies like Joby Aviation and Dubai’s RTA gearing up to launch air taxi services by 2025. Vertiports at strategic locations across Dubai will contribute to the establishment of an integrated urban air mobility ecosystem.

As these developments unfold, the UAE is solidifying its position as a global urban air mobility hub, presenting a futuristic vision of transportation that is sustainable, efficient, and awe-inspiring. #flyingcarsdubai.

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