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Visited App Releases List of Top Travel Destinations in 2022

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Italy comes in 3rd place for most popular countries to visit, behind France and Spain as per the travel App, Visited. The travel report also highlights how many countries travelers around the world visit, top states that travelers visit and wish to visit and other travel stats from global travelers.

TORONTO, Feb. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The travel app,Visitedby Arriving In High Heels Corporation has published a travel report which showcases top travel trends around the world with highlight of 2022 travels.

Visited, available oniOSorAndroid, is an app that allows users to mark off places they’ve been around the world, browse new travel destinations, get a custom map of their travels, and set travel goals.

According to Visited’stravel stats, the average global traveler has been to 18 countries. Travelers from the United Arab Emirates have visited the most countries, with an average of 29 countries visited. Swiss and Swedish travelers came in second and third as the most well-traveled. Italians have travelled less than other Europeans with under 15 countries. Italy comes in 3rd place for most popular countries to visit, behind France and Spain.

The most sought-after places to visit are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Brazil.

In 2022 Italy topped the list as the most visited country. Other countries that made it to the top 5 include: Spain, France, Portugal and Greece.

The most popular travel lists are capitals of the world, world wonders and art museums.Most popular travel lists, have Italian destinations in the top 10.

Travel data was compiled based on 1,550,000 international users. To see more top travel lists and browse top destinations worldwide, download Visited oniOSorAndroid.For the full travel report, visithttps://visitedapp.com/2021-travel-report.

Visited App is a popular travel map app, which allows users to map their journeys, select what places and experiences they have been to and see personal travel stats. The travel app, was developed to keep track of travellers bucketlists, see personalized travel stats and inspire future vacations. To learn more about the Visited app, visithttps://visitedapp.com/app-di-viaggio-visited/.

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