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Why Experts Doubt Cloud Seeding Played a Role in Dubai’s Downpour

by Dubaiforum

Experts are skeptical that cloud seeding contributed to the recent downpour in Dubai, which caused severe flooding in the region. Although cloud seeding can induce rain, it is unlikely to cause the extreme weather events that hit the United Arab Emirates. Cloud seeding, a decades-old technology, remains controversial in the meteorological community due to the difficulty in proving its effectiveness.

Meteorologists and climate scientists point out that the flooding in Dubai was accurately forecasted well in advance, attributing it to natural weather patterns rather than artificial intervention. Despite the use of cloud seeding technology in the region to maximize precipitation, the unprecedented level of rainfall and resulting flooding was unexpected and not typical of cloud seeding outcomes.

While cloud seeding can enhance rainfall, experts emphasize that it is not a direct cause of extreme weather events like the recent downpour in Dubai. The foreknowledge and monitoring of weather systems allowed meteorologists to predict the heavy rainfall, supporting the view that natural weather phenomena were primarily responsible for the flooding that affected the United Arab Emirates.

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