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‘Pay with Sibuyas’: Filipinos flock to discount store bartering items for onions

by Dubaiforum

Hundreds of Filipinos flocked to Japan Home Wholesale Centre on Panay Avenue in Quezon City as it held its one-day only barter “Pay with Sibuyas”, accepting onions as payment for their items.

This innovative and creative move comes as a response to the recent surge in onion prices in the country. The average price of red onions in selected wet markets in Metro Manila is now at 230-330 pesos per kilo, according to the latest Price Watch from the Department of Agriculture.

Photos from Japan Home Centre’s official Facebook page showed satisfied customers who brought any kind or size of onion to exchange for a single item at their store. Each customer was limited to purchasing three items using onions as currency. All the collected onions will be used for a community pantry.

The rising prices of onions has become a nationwide concern in the Philippines, with some areas in Metro Manila even recording prices of P900 per kilo last December. This trend has also been noted in the Middle East, where tourists and OFWs from Dubai have brought home onions as souvenirs. However, the Department of Agriculture has clarified that proper permits are necessary before bringing home such commodities.


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