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Welcome to Dubai Forum,your essential hub for everything Dubai. From the heartbeat of its bustling streets to the whispers of its windswept dunes, we bring you closer to the soul of the city. As the go-to source for “Dubai news,” Dubai Forum illuminates the diverse tapestry of life in this iconic city and the broader United Arab Emirates.


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Dubai Forum is not just a news website; it’s a vibrant community where the many voices of Dubai converge. Our content spans the latest in business innovations, lifestyle trends, community highlights, and insightful analyses of the local and regional socio-economic landscape. Whether you’re a resident, expat, or a curious global reader, Dubai Forum serves up a daily dose of compelling stories and critical news that shapes the world of Dubai.


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We believe in the power of diversity and the vibrant discussions it can spark. Dubai Forum is proud to offer a platform where guest editors and contributors from around the world can share their unique perspectives on events and issues. It’s through this rich mosaic of viewpoints that we can offer our readers a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the news that matters.


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In our quest to provide a broad spectrum of news and opinions, Dubai Forum aggregates content and features articles written by guest editors. It’s important to note that while we strive to curate content of the highest relevance and quality, Dubai Forum is not responsible for the accuracy or opinions expressed in articles contributed by external writers. Our platform is a space for freedom of expression, offering insights and perspectives from across the globe.


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Dive into the essence of Dubai with us. Explore the stories, the news, and the conversations that define this dynamic city. At Dubai Forum, we’re more than a news site – we’re a community. Whether you’re looking to stay informed, contribute your voice, or simply explore, you’ve found your forum.


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Welcome to Dubai Forum, where news meets perspective. Join us on this journey as we continue to bring you the pulse of Dubai in all its diversity and vibrancy. Discover Dubai with us, one story at a time.

About Dubai Forum

Dubai Forum: your daily source for the latest news from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the broader Middle East region. Our coverage includes updates on people, lifestyle, communities, business, startups, and finance, keeping you informed on all facets of the dynamic Dubai scene. #Dubaicommunities #people #travel #startups #DubaiForum