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A model teacher with malayalam melody, gulffeature

by Dubaiforum

11 March 2023, 02:16 AM IST

E.T. Prakash

Sharjah: Geeta Suresh, a teacher at Sharjah Hour on English School Grade 4, is giving more publicity to the Malayalam language. Geetha, who handles chemistry, mathematics and Hindi, is doing language promotion in Pravasanad with her love for her mother tongue. They impart the beauty of Malayalam pronunciation and language purity not only to the students but also to others. Even though she is a science teacher, she reminds us that the importance of mother tongue goes beyond the subject matter. This teacher believes that not only the children but also the parents should understand Malayalam properly.

Geetha came to UAE in 1996. Started teaching since 2001. She has also received awards for being the best organizer of curricular and extracurricular activities in the school. She is a native of Kannur Anchampedika. Geetha Teacher is also ready to provide free tuition to non-resident students if needed. This initiative is meant to help low-income parents. Her husband is Suresh, a civil engineer. Pawan and Poonam are children.


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