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AD Ports Group’s economic cities, free zones and digital cluster enhances customer experience

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AD Ports Group Revolutionizes Customer Experience Through Innovative Initiatives

AD Ports Group, a trailblazer in trade and logistics, has ushered in a new era of customer-centric excellence with its transformative “Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience.” This pioneering model, designed to redefine customer interactions across Abu Dhabi Government, marks a paradigm shift in facilitating seamless engagement.

AD Ports Group Elevates Customer Experience with Breakthrough Initiatives

In a remarkable feat of innovation, AD Ports Group has orchestrated a series of groundbreaking initiatives, all under the banner of “The Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience.” Spearheaded by the Group’s Economic Cities and Free Zones, as well as the Digital clusters, these initiatives are meticulously designed to elevate the omnichannel experience for clients, particularly at KEZAD.

Transforming Customer Interaction: AD Ports Group’s Disruptive Initiatives

The wheels of transformation have been set in motion as AD Ports Group unveils an array of disruptive initiatives. These initiatives, tailored to enhance client experiences at KEZAD, range from revamped service level agreements for in-person and contact center interactions to the introduction of a digitalized Free Zone License application process via the Advanced Trade and Logistics Platform (ATLP).

Unveiling Effortless Access: Redefining Investor Engagement

A seamless journey awaits investors as AD Ports Group introduces strategic enhancements that redefine engagement dynamics. One of these game-changing improvements involves the integration of Customs Registration Numbers, granting investors immediate importer codes upon license issuance. Additionally, the UAE Pass application becomes the gateway for investors to access the license application service, streamlining procedures even further.

Pioneering Customer-Centricity: Embracing a Four-Dimensional Model

AD Ports Group’s holistic approach, driven by the Effortless Customer Experience Programme model, spans four dimensions: direction, design, development, and delivery. This comprehensive strategy encompasses digitization of services, systems integration, stakeholder mapping, consistent customer communication, and robust training to enhance customer support functions.

Unlocking Economic Growth: ADDED’s Commitment to Trade Facilitation

Dr. Ali Hussain Makki, Executive Director of Logistics and Trade Facilitation Sector at the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), underscores the commitment to catalyzing economic growth through bolstering trade and logistics sectors. The efforts of AD Ports Group in enhancing customer experiences, streamlining procedures, and facilitating seamless government service integration are hailed as catalysts for trade facilitation solutions.

Unprecedented Channel Connectivity: AD Ports Group’s CEO Sheds Light

Abdullah Al Hameli, CEO of Economic Cities and Free Zones at AD Ports Group, highlights the significance of initiatives like KEZAD Connect, Josoor, and Tawasul in fostering open channels with customers. The Group’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, be it in-person or digital, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment.

Revolutionizing Trade Dynamics: Digital Cluster’s Innovative Approach

Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO of the Digital Cluster and CEO of Maqta Gateway, lauds the Digital Cluster’s pioneering role in revolutionizing trade and logistics. By incorporating design thinking methodologies and embracing stakeholder feedback, the Digital Cluster is redefining obstacles as opportunities.

Single Window of Trade: Maqta Gateway’s Impactful Role

ATLP, developed and operated by Maqta Gateway under the purview of ADDED, serves as Abu Dhabi’s definitive Single Window for trade. Offering over 700 services to the trade community, the recent launch of a digitalized Free Zone Application service through ATLP ushers in a new era of ease, enabling remote lease of land, warehouses, showrooms, and flexi-desk spaces at KEZAD.

Championing Customer Excellence: The Future Beckons

The “Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience” ushers in a holistic transformation, benchmarked against global standards. This visionary model is poised to make substantial investments in human capital through a comprehensive government-wide training program, solidifying AD Ports Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences for years to come.

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