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Ajman Chamber, ESH discuss cooperation and partnership opportunities

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AJMAN, 18th May, 2023 (WAM) — Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), expressed admiration for the capabilities and expertise of national institutions and their significant contributions to business development, sustainable growth, and increased GDP through the provision of comprehensive logistical services. These services cater to the needs and aspirations of business owners and investors, and foster a competitive investment climate.

The ACCI hosted a delegation from Etisalat Services Holding (ESH), led by Muammar Al-Rukhimi, CEO of ESH, at its headquarters. The meeting was attended by Salem Al Suwaidi, Director-General of ACCI, and several officials from both entities.

In his opening remarks, Al Muwaiji stated, “We take pride in our national institutions and the innovative technical, logistical, and technical services offered by ESH and its subsidiaries. These services bolster the UAE’s economic leadership and create a conducive environment for launching exceptional projects and ventures.”

He further emphasised that exploring opportunities for collaboration between Ajman Chamber and ESH aligns with the strategic objectives of the country as a whole and the emirate of Ajman in particular. Such cooperation enables the Ajman Chamber to exceed the expectations of its members by providing proactive services that contribute to economic development. It also facilitates the development of existing activities, while fostering global economic relations to support expansion, business growth, and investment, while embracing a participatory approach that promotes digital transformation and efficient data management.

During the meeting, there was a comprehensive review of the primary services offered by ESH and its subsidiaries. The two sides explored cooperation opportunities in utilizing technology and innovation to support business, stimulate economic growth, and enhance proactive services related to information services, data management, outsourcing, training, and the employment of fresh graduates in the private sector.

The ESH delegation provided an overview of the prominent services offered by its institutions and departments, including “Ebtikar Card Systems, Emirates Data Clearing House, Etisalat Facilities Management, Etisalat Information Services, Tamdeed Projects, Etisalat Academy, Outsource Management Business (OMB), and others.

Ajman Chamber officials were briefed on ESH services, which encompass information technology solutions, smart services, information automation, professional services, infrastructure, energy-saving solutions, academic and training services, Emirati graduate employment, integrated systems, and more.

The meeting concluded with the recommendation to hold joint meetings and establish specialized work teams to discuss cooperation opportunities in implementing future projects, particularly targeting Ajman Chamber member companies and factories. The aim is to maximize their benefit from the quality service packages provided by ESH in various technical, educational, logistical, and technical fields. The attendees also highlighted the importance of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen relations, promote greater cooperation, and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices.

Abdullah Al Muwaiji emphasised the importance of intensifying cooperation between Ajman Chamber and ESH in developing and designing supportive entrepreneurship programs and services. These initiatives aim to nurture a generation of highly qualified entrepreneurs aligned with the country’s vision. Al Muwaiji also expressed the Ajman Chamber’s commitment to introducing ESH services to its members through visits, in order to strengthen relationships with member companies and factories.

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