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Comparing the Melodic Similarities of Arabic and Greek Languages

by Dubaiforum

The ties between Greek and Arabic cultures go beyond just the historical past and are evident in everyday speech in the Arab world. For instance, the Arabic word baqala for the local supermarket is similar to the Greek word bakalis. Similarly, the term bekheir, meaning well or good in Arabic, is linked to the Greek word kha-raa, which means joy or contentment. There are also similarities in the terms for music (musiqa and mousica) and chemistry (kimya and chimeia) in both languages.

Additionally, the Arabic term for Greece, Yunan, is derived from the Greek word Ionia, reflecting the historical interactions between the two cultures. Emirati authors at the Thessaloniki Book Fair in Greece highlighted these linguistic and cultural connections, emphasizing the long-standing exchange between Greeks and Arabs.

Emirati poet Sultan Al Amimi discussed the dynamic relationship between the two cultures, citing historical figures like Khalid ibn Yazid, a seventh-century prince from the Umayyad dynasty, who facilitated the translation of Greek texts into Arabic. He also mentioned Ibn Al Muqaffa, an eighth-century Iraqi author who translated Greek literature into Arabic and influenced early Arabic folk tales.

Poet Abdulaziz Al Musallam noted the influence of Greek cultural elements on the Gulf region even before Islam, such as Nestorian spiritual chants influencing the music of fijiri, sung by pearl divers. Greek anthropologist Haris Melitids emphasized the importance of understanding and fostering cultural friendships between Greek and Arab civilizations to strengthen mutual bonds and enhance mutual understanding.

Overall, the shared heritage between Greek and Arab cultures highlights the interconnectedness of the two civilizations and the importance of cultural exchanges in building relationships and promoting cultural understanding.

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