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Emirates Falconers Club and INPEX-JODCO Foundation sign MoU

by Dubaiforum

ABU DHABI, 7th September, 2023 (WAM) — The Emirates Falconers Club (EFC) and the INPEX-JODCO Foundation, a prominent figure in the oil and gas development and production sector, have forged a profound partnership with the explicit aim of promoting and nurturing the cherished traditions of falconry while cultivating cultural cooperation between Emirati and Japanese falconers.

Their paramount objective is to actively champion and sustain the rich tapestry of falconry heritage while concurrently nurturing cultural exchange and collaborative efforts among Emirati and Japanese falconry enthusiasts. This exceptional alliance stands poised to serve as a channel for the seamless merging of these two distinct cultures, all in the spirit of venerating the noble tradition of falconry.

This groundbreaking collaboration was formalised by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two esteemed organisations, marking a significant cultural exchange and preservation milestone.

The signing of this MoU is a tangible testament to the shared dedication of both EFC and the INPEX-JODCO Foundation to fostering a more profound cultural connection. At its core, their partnership revolves around the preservation and exultation of falconry, a cherished artistic expression deeply entrenched in the ancestral heritage of both Emirati and Japanese societies.

As a shared passion between the UAE and Japan, Falconry plays a pivotal role in this partnership.

The MoU between EFC and the INPEX-JODCO Foundation signifies mutual recognition of the importance of preserving and promoting this ancient art form. It lays the foundation for collaborative initiatives that will benefit falconers from both countries and contribute to the broader cultural enrichment of their societies.

In addition to signing the MoU, INPEX demonstrated its commitment to cultural exchange by offering an authentic Japanese experience at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2023).

Their booth featured an array of traditional showpieces, including captivating falconry displays, demonstrations of falconry equipment craftsmanship, traditional Japanese Candy Art, interactive sessions with a swordsmith master, enchanting Tea ceremonies, and mesmerizing musical performances. These cultural offerings resonated with a diverse audience and added an exciting dimension to ADIHEX 2023.

Including key icons from Japanese culture served as a bridge between the two nations. Kazuya Ishikawa, a Katanakaji swordsmith, showcased the intricate craftsmanship behind Japanese swords, while Japanese falconers displayed their expertise and passion for falconry. The art of the Japanese tea ceremony was elegant, offering a glimpse into the grace and ritual associated with this traditional practice. Shinsuke Ohwaku, Candy maker Are Zaiku, also contributed to the cultural exchange by demonstrating this unique craft.

The presence of these traditional showpieces not only enriched the ADIHEX 2023 experience but also served as a testament to the commitment of the INPEX-JODCO Foundation to promote cross-cultural understanding and strengthen the ties between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan. The INPEX-JODCO Foundation effectively facilitated a cultural dialogue between these two nations by showcasing the beauty and depth of Japanese culture.

The collaboration between the Emirates Falconers Club and the INPEX-JODCO Foundation is a testament to the power of culture and tradition in bringing nations together.

Through their commitment to falconry and cultural cooperation, these organisations forge strong ties between the UAE and Japan while showcasing the beauty and richness of their respective cultures. The inclusion of Japanese cultural elements at ADIHEX 2023 exemplifies the potential for meaningful cross-cultural exchanges, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and fostering a deeper appreciation for the shared heritage of falconry.

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