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Foreign Investors Hire Beacon LLC for Setting Up a New Business in UAE

by Dubaiforum

For foreign nationals, the costs of setting up a business in the UAE can be huge if not directed properly. This can include anything from getting a visa to assisting in business setup, liquidity and sponsorship services, or long-term business support. Besides, every jurisdiction comes with its own set of laws, documentation, legal processes, and business and office space structures. All of these come with a cost related to them. An experienced consulting agency can help entrepreneurs gain insight into a cost-effective way of setting up a company in the UAE. Moreover, the savings from the consultant’s expert advice can more than cover the cost of engaging them. It might be costly to pay for workspace, perks, wages, and other expenses associated with recruiting full-time workers. It is much more efficient and practical to recruit a specialized business or an independent consultant than to invest the funds in employing a regular employee to tackle a specific issue within a certain time frame.


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