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Fujairah plans to attract half million visitors to historic archaeological sites

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FUJAIRAH, 2nd November, 2023 (WAM) — Fujairah plans to double the number of visitors to its archaeological sites within the emirate, aiming to reach half a million visitors.

The emirate had recorded nearly 113,000 visits to its top seven archaeological sites in 2022.

Al Bidya Mosque tops the list as the most visited archaeological site with some 88,740 visitors, followed by Fujairah Fort in second place, and then Fujairah Museum and Dibba Fort.

Archaeological sites, including castles, museums, and historic villages, have been key pillars of tourism in Fujairah in recent years, given their diversity and unique appeal. These landmarks showcase inspiring historical narratives about Fujairah’s history and heritage.

The Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Department stressed that it is working to increase the current number of visitors to the emirate’s archaeological sites, most notably through ongoing development, maintenance, and improved services near the sites, noting that the emirate has an ambitious plan to transform the archaeological sites into integrated tourist attractions, which will offer an ideal experience for heritage and archaeological enthusiasts.

The department is committed to aligning with sustainability trends in tourism by focussing on eco-friendly projects, both in terms of hospitality facilities and the quality of roads and services in these areas.

These efforts are part of a series of projects aimed at enhancing services and investments in famous archaeological sites, such as the Al Bidya Mosque, Fujairah Museum, heritage areas, and the castles and forts of Al Bithnah, Masafi, Al Hail, Auwhalah, Sakamkam and Habhab.

Fujairah plays a significant role in domestic tourism, attracting visitors from various emirates due to its unique climate and geographical features. Its proximity to Oman has made it a major tourist attraction for Omani visitors. Moreover, the emirate boasts many hotels under various leading hotel brands, contributing to the growth of the tourism sector in Fujairah and attracting more tourists from around the world to enjoy its distinctive natural beauty.

The department has recently completed a project to restore more than 12 castles, embodying the Fujairah government’s vision to continuously develop and enhance its tourism sector.

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