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GMC a platform for shaping media industry’s future: Minister of Culture tells WAM

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ABU DHABI, 1st November, 2023 (WAM) — Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Culture and Youth, said the Global Media Congress (GMC) is an ideal opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments and changes in the media sector, discuss its prospects and key issues, and gain insights from a select group of media industry leaders, specialists, and global influencers.

In a statement with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Sheikh Salem highlighted the exceptional outcomes generated by the GMC since its inception last year. He stressed that such events are pivotal in creating communication opportunities among various media entities and exploring avenues for future partnerships to bolster their efforts.

“Today, we live in a rapidly changing digital world, where it has become essential for media entities and their employees to keep pace with the alternatives provided by modern technology to enhance their presence in the media landscape,” Sheikh Salem stated.

Recognising the profound role of media in this digital age, he emphasised the emergence of digital media, dominated by social media platforms and technological tools, and artificial intelligence (AI) programmes that significantly influence news dissemination and circulation independently of traditional media institutions and government sources.

Sheikh Salem added, “It has become necessary to employ culture in the media scene. Thus, the Ministry of Culture and Youth supports this significant event to define the role of culture in the media profession.”

The GMC, he mentioned, aims to shed light on essential aspects of functional media, particularly as the UAE is hosting COP28. This year’s edition will focus on global trends related to environmental and climate issues, innovation, AI, and sports, promoting positive values by emphasising the media’s role in disseminating them and enriching diverse sustainability concepts.

Highlighting the importance of hosting the event to reinforce the UAE’s standing in organising prestigious global events, Sheikh Salem emphasised the UAE’s commitment to hosting high-quality annual events that provide a platform for specialists in various fields to engage in discussions, exchange knowledge, and share experiences. He underscored the UAE’s role as a nurturing ground for the most important regional and international events.

The GMC serves as a global platform for discussions and the shaping of the media sector’s future. It actively contributes to cementing the UAE’s international status as a hub for the media industry. Sheikh Salem also noted that the congress will witness the participation of distinguished leaders, experts, and officials from Arab and international media organisations.

Discussing the Ministry of Culture and Youth’s strategic plans, Sheikh Salem stated they aim to create an environment that attracts creative individuals, invests in their talents and skills, and supports them in realising their unique projects. In this context, the ministry recently launched the “National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity,” offering financial support to Emirati citizens in the cultural and creative industries.

“The ministry is keen to acknowledge the contributions of creators by awarding them the ‘Golden Residency,’ a category dedicated to individuals recognised for their creative achievements by society and the media. This is to ensure the continuity of their creative contributions and maintain the country’s position as a regional and global centre for creativity,” Al Qasimi affirmed.

Looking ahead to the upcoming edition of the GMC, Sheikh Salem expressed optimism that it would provide young and talented Emirati media professionals with opportunities to gain valuable experiences and insights that will significantly impact the local media landscape.


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