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‘Inaugural Global Species Conference begins in Dubai’

by Dubaiforum

The Muslim Council of Elders has commended the UAE for its unwavering support of the Palestinian cause and for rejecting statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu had suggested that the UAE could be involved in the civil administration of the Gaza Strip, which is currently under Israeli occupation.

The UAE’s stance in standing up for the rights of the Palestinians has been praised by the Council of Elders, recognizing the country’s commitment to supporting justice and peace in the region. The rejection of Netanyahu’s proposal reaffirms the UAE’s solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for independence and sovereignty.

This strong position taken by the UAE demonstrates its dedication to standing against injustice and supporting humanitarian causes. The Muslim Council of Elders applauds the UAE’s firm stance and encourages other nations to follow suit in advocating for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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