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MoHRE launches priority services to boost customer satisfaction

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DUBAI, 23rd October, 2023 (WAM) — The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has unveiled new priority services designed to enhance customer satisfaction and meet their aspirations by processing their requests quickly, efficiently, and in line with the highest customer service standards, as envisioned by the UAE Government.

The Ministry explained that the new services classify customers into three distinct tiers: diamond, gold, and silver. The first phase will see the MoHRE introduce the diamond-tier customer service, with the remaining tiers – gold and silver – set to be launched gradually by January 2024.

The priority services allow customers to fast-track their requests, giving priority to their applications across the MoHRE’s various platforms, and providing a fast-tracked service through the Ministry’s call centre at 600590000. It also includes providing them with a dedicated account manager to meet their needs, answer their enquiries, and provide immediate support, quick technical solutions, and distinctive customer service. This includes offering dedicated training programmes on the initiatives overseen by the Ministry, such as special sessions about meeting Emiratisation targets and raising awareness about workers’ rights, responsibilities, legal obligations, and other related initiatives.

The account manager also communicates periodically and proactively with customers to note their feedback and suggestions on the Ministry’s services, engaging priority customers in questionnaires to gauge their satisfaction with the services provided to them and discuss areas of improvement. The manager also sends periodic reports to priority customers highlighting the latest decisions and legislation related to the labour market, in addition to shedding light on their achievements in the Labour Market Magazine, published monthly by the MoHRE.

Priority services also include inviting establishments and employers to participate in previewing new services the Ministry is working on before their public launch, considering their needs in future services.

Establishment classification is based on MoHRE’s Establishment Classification System. Establishments in the first category are automatically ranked as diamond-tier, along with establishments with 1,000 or more workers, owners with 100 or more establishments, employers of domestic workers who are People of Determination, employers with 50 or more domestic workers, senior citizens and those aged 60 years or above.

Meanwhile, the gold-tier includes establishments with 500 to 999 workers, owners with 51 to 99 establishments, and owners employing 500 to 999 workers. And lastly, the silver tier covers establishments with 50 to 499 workers, owners with 10 to 50 establishments, and owners employing 50 to 499 workers.

Hussain Al Alili, Director of the Customer Relations Department at MoHRE, said, “The new system for communicating with clients according to their tiers is part of the Ministry’s strategy to support our commitment to providing the best services and creating an ideal business environment that lives up to the UAE’s status and its attractiveness to investors.”

“The new system serves to meet clients’ needs and provide a convenient and seamless user experience with advanced support and assistance services and quick response to enquiries and complaints,” he added. “It also aims to promote compliance among private-sector establishments with the legislation governing the contractual relationship. It helps improve the efficiency of operations, reduces the time and effort required to complete transactions, and ensures comprehensive and streamlined procedures that are updated based on feedback, observations, suggestions, and complaints, collected through client communications, and then incorporated into the decision-making process.”

“The priority services are one of the key tools to drive efficiency in government services and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction,” Al Alili concluded.


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