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Pledge for a Smoke-Free Saudi Arabia and UAE with Badael

by Dubaiforum

Badael – a PIF Company – is celebrating its first anniversary by launching the ‘Clear the Air’ campaign in honor of World No Tobacco Day on May 31. The initiative aims to unite individuals, organizations, and government entities in creating a smoke-free Saudi Arabia.

The company’s mission is to reduce smoking rates by providing safer alternatives that align with Vision 2030’s quality-of-life goals. Badael plans to help one million Saudis quit smoking by 2028 through the introduction of the first-ever Saudi-made DZRT nicotine pouches.

In its inaugural year, Badael achieved significant milestones by expanding its manufacturing capacity, investing in research and development, and diversifying its distribution channels. The company has surpassed one million e-commerce orders and assisted around three hundred thousand people locally in transitioning from tobacco use. These accomplishments demonstrate Badael’s commitment to public health and its dedication to future expansion and innovation.

As part of the ‘Clear the Air’ campaign, individuals, corporations, and government bodies are encouraged to sign the pledge for a smoke-free Saudi Arabia. By raising awareness about the dangers of smoking, supporting quitters, protecting youth, promoting clean air, and safeguarding the environment, the collective effort aims to improve the overall well-being of Saudi society. Those interested in making a difference can sign the pledge on Badael’s website.

Tolga Sezer, Chief Executive Officer of Badael, emphasized the significance of World No Tobacco Day and the company’s commitment to transitioning smokers away from harmful habits. Through reduced-risk alternatives like DZRT nicotine pouches, Badael aims to create a smoke-free future for all by 2028. The ‘Clear the Air’ campaign serves as a reminder of this mission and invites everyone to join the cause.

Badael – a PIF Company – is dedicated to innovation in smoking cessation by developing, producing, and distributing consumer products that promote a smoke-free lifestyle. The company’s focus on local manufacturing and ethical standards underscores its commitment to enhancing individual well-being and society’s future.

To learn more about Badael and sign the pledge for a smoke-free Saudi Arabia, visit their website.

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